Page of Vessels


Upright: Holistic, Self-Discovery, Self-disciplined
Reversed: Depressive, Stagnated, Overwhelmed

Queen of Vessels


Upright: Clairvoyant, Purposeful, Spiritually Refined
Reversed: Inflexible, Over-sensitive, Constant Cleaning

Knight of Vessels

Element: AETHER / AIR

Upright: Peacemaker, Communicative, Supportive
Reversed: Provocative, Overintelelctualized, Indecisiveness

King of Vessels

Element: AETHER / FIRE

Upright: Self-Awared, Straightforward, Strong Willed, Intuitive
Reversed: Self-Absorbed, Irascible, Self-Centered

Ace of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Inspiration, New Opportunities, Enthusiasm
Reversed: Creative Blocks, Lack of Energy, Delays

Two of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Ambition, Planning, Leaving Comfort Zone
Reversed: Lack of Planning, Fear of Change, Avoiding Risk

Three of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Progress, Growth, Foresight, New ideas
Reversed: Restriction, Playing Safe, Lack of Progress

Five of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Conflict, Competition, Disagreement
Reversed: End of Hostility, Agreement / Fear of Confrontation, Internal Conflict

Six of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Achievement, Self-Confidence, Public Recognition
Reversed: Delayed Achievement, Lack of Self-Esteem / Fall from Grace, Defeat

Seven of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Opposition, Standing up for Beliefs, Perseverance
Reversed: Surrender, Exhaustion, Losing the Battle

Eight of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Dynamism, Enthusiasm, Free to Grow
Reversed: Lack of Movement, Restrictions / Going too Fast, Impatience

Nine of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Overprotection, Obstinacy, Endurance
Reversed: Exhaustion, Refuse to Give up / Lack of Backbone, Not focused

Ten of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Heavy Burden, Delays, End in Sight
Reversed: Too much Responsibility, Breakdown

Page of Wands

Element: FIRE / EARTH

Upright: Exciting Projects, Fresh Ideas, Creativity
Reversed: Creative blocks, Lack of energy, Delays

Knight of Wands

Element: FIRE / AIR

Upright: Fiery Personality, Impulsiveness, Dynamic Progression
Reversed: Arrogance, Lack of Self-Control, Reckless, Pessimistic

Queen of Wands

Element: FIRE / WATER

Upright: Confidence, Passionate, Hot Tempered
Reversed: Chaotic, Temperamental, Low-Confidence

King of Wands

Element: FIRE / FIRE

Upright: Great Leadership, Vision, Boldness
Reversed: Boring, Uninspired / Bully, Bad Leader

Ace of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Love, New Relationships, Happiness, Creativity
Reversed: Self-love, Repressed Emotions, Lack of Inspiration

Two of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Unity, Partnership, Mutual Attraction
Reversed: Separation, Lack of Communication, Disharmony

Three of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Celebration, Friendship, Gatherings
Reversed: Excess, Isolation, Imbalanced social life

Four of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Inertia, Disappointment, Reevaluation
Reversed: Awareness, Clarity, Emergence

Five of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Regrets, Mourning, Stuck to the Past, Emotional Instability
Reversed: Acceptance, Self-forgiveness, Moving On

Six of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Childhood Memories, Comfort and Security, Joy
Reversed: Lack of Adventurous Spirit, Stolen Innocence, Stuck in the Past