Page of Vessels


Upright: Holistic, Self-Discovery, Self-disciplined
Reversed: Depressive, Stagnated, Overwhelmed


The Page’s youth reveals an essential time to experiment with new formulas and (re)discover your goals. In the spiritual sphere many of us embody this inexperienced young man, though many never get over this phase.

The Page, surrounded by darkness, portrays a moment of doubt as someone who ships into a process of self-discovery. In the alchemical Great Work, he represents the first important stage – the Nigredo, which is commonly associated with the element Earth.

This young man symbolises the impulse that leads us to organise our internal chaos, to separate what is necessary from what is obsolete in our personal growth. This vital process may come to us as a personal rupture of our routines or patterns, in a critical need for internal balance.

The Nigredo phase aims to liberate our two opposite features stuck in the material body.

The crow on the right side is a major symbol of this stage, inciting the process of self-transformation.

We must understand that there is no way to achieve spiritual wisdom without a dark phase of introspection, to restructure our chaotic elements as an act of self-understanding.

This Page may be identified as a phase of your own life, or someone who is experiencing the Nigredo stage.

Upright Meaning and Interpretation

Holistic, Self-Discovery, Self-disciplined.

Figuratively, the Page of Vessels is a mystical message that something must be changed in your life, in order to give you the ability to accept that the universe transcends your perception. An internal voyage and self-reformulation may give you the necessary tools to build an improved self, ready to comprehend the incomprehensible.

The Page is an optimistic young person who uses creativity as a healing tool of self-knowledge, both subconsciously and spiritually.

His association with the element Earth reflects a great willpower and perseverance. The Page is a perfectionist, hard-working person who invests a lot of effort to accomplish tasks and projects, someone who battles until the end. It also represents someone who sees the most positive aspects even in the worst situations by studying different perspectives before making a final decision.

Spiritually, this figure embodies someone quite naïve and inexperienced, maybe too attached to the materialist world. The Page of Vessels still needs to prioritise himself.

Reversed Meaning and Interpretation

Depressive, Stagnated, Overwhelmed.

The Page in reverse represents someone who is lost and needs to find oneself.

This person takes no risks of any kind, preferring to follow one’s own routines and habits. This way of work may compromise innovation and originality, and the openness to different visions.

The Page’s perfectionism may delay many projects, turning them into something dull, with slow movement; especially so if someone is going through a process of self-understanding and healing.

The slowness of action may affect people who depend on these decisions or results.

Normally, the Page of Vessels shows some obsessive-compulsive tendencies, having some problems in letting go. During this process of spiritualization, this behaviour may create lingering obstacles to progress, since it is still too connected to his earthly condition.