The suit of Coins is connected essentially to the physical/material aspects of life, such as health, wealth, and financial gains. 

The green tone that crosses the entire suit, as well as the flowers and fruits or the majestic trees, expresses the fertility of the Earth. Before there were gold, silver or metal alloys as currency, the wealth and welfare of a person was defined by the abundance of food and a successful harvest. A decent nourishment contributed to a strong immune system that improved people’s health, so it is all related.

We opted to include and explore this classical idea of abundance and its link to nature, defining the element of Earth as the one strongly associated with this suit. 

The coins as objects aim to partially disconnect the concepts of wealth and security from its original, agrarian origin. The gold interlinks the suit to a more human context, affecting us directly in our daily lives.

The worldly plane is also correlated to the artistic realm. Nature begets human senses, insight and creativity towards arts and crafts. Springtime, ruled by Venus, is also the season of the artists, bringing new inspiration to the world, and leading every being to enjoy the pleasures of life. 

The financial prosperity inherent to the suit has an enormous influence in our business and projects, as well as in the way we manage our material resources. For that reason, this is a suit easier to understand, because it is more tangible than the others, reflecting with accuracy both positive and negative attributes of each card.

Despite the beneficial aspects of the entire suit, they easily turn around and seem to focus on excesses and selfish intentions.


Financial Gains


AceAbundance, Prosperity, New OpportunitiesMissing Opportunities, Instability, Substandard Gains
TwoMultiple Tasks, Time Management, Ups and DownsFeeling Overwhelmed, Stress, Lack of Organisation
ThreeCollaboration, Learning, ApprenticeshipWorking Alone, Lack of Teamwork, Lack of Motivation
FourMiser, Possessiveness, GreedBeing Generous, Overspending
FiveFinancial Hardship, Adversity, Illness, IsolationOvercoming Financial Losses, Health Improvement, Reconnection
SixGenerosity, Assistance, Giving/ReceivingTaking care of Yourself, Taking Advantage of Your Generosity, Power Abuse
SevenReward, Progress, Long-term ViewLack of Growth, Impatience, Procrastination
EightDiligence, Mastery, Skill DevelopmentLack of Motivation, Aimlessness, Harder working
NineIndependency, Material Accomplishment, LonelinessFalse Display of Wealth, Dependency
TenFinancial Stability, Legacy, Long-term SuccessInstability, Familiar Disputes, Financial Loss
PageAmbition, Manifestation, OpportunitiesNo Development, Procrastination, Goalless
KnightHard Working, Efficiency, Smooth DevelopmentPatience, Slow Development, Pessimistic View
QueenLuxurious, Homemaker, SupportiveSelfish, Materialistic, Neglecting Mother
KingWealth, Enterprising, ResourcefulOver-Materialistic, Doubtful Enterprises, Unsupportive