Knight of Coins

Element: EARTH / AIR

Upright: Hard Working, Efficiency, Smooth Development
Reversed: Patience, Slow Development, Pessimistic View

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Hard Working, Efficiency, Smooth Development. 

The Knight of Coins shows us an elegant man, richly dressed as a Phrygian noble warrior. His tattooed body is very peculiar, very different from the rest of the tarot figures, reflecting his innovative and distinctive vision.
On the other hand, the golden mask hides his true face, making him a mysterious character that works in his own way, well known more from his actions than from himself.
He rides a golden horse that symbolises the progress of his materialistic investments. He moves toward the right side, the future, so that’s good news for your earthly-related questions. Note that in the Waite-Smith deck the horse is black and motionless, so there is a significant change of meanings between the two cards.

The Knight is portrayed as a strong and efficient man, contrary to a more fragile young man seen in the Page’s card. His blue cape reflects his confidence and control that allows him to pursue his goals with conviction. The red details of his outfit represents hard work, the active energy that animates the symbolic golden horse and his physical motion.
Be aware that the dynamic progress is not the fastest. The horse isn’t running, it goes smoothly and controlled to avoid any unnecessary risk that may compromise the entire project.

Many different interpretations defend that he lives a life of conventionalism, being too stuck to his earthly aspects. We opted to run against that assumption. Instead, we relate that more to the Page card, which has a double meaning of Earth; the first attaining the suit of coins and the second linked to Page’s attributes.
Uniting the contrary elements of Air and Earth, the Knight finds a better balance between his intellectual disciplines and the more practical ones. Looking at the huge coin, he knows how to use his knowledge to make materialistic profit. That flowing coin reflects a freer vision that keeps him away from more traditional ways of thinking. Therefore, he is an original entrepreneur.

Unlike the Page, the Knight of Coins allows the coin to flow in the air, and seems to understand how to unlock his hidden potential like a blooming Spring landscape.
The Knight does not care about his appearance or arts in general as much as the Page. He is more focused on the results, always looking for new ideas. While the Page was dedicated to his studies, excited to know more; the Knight is more active, using his intellectual skills and knowledge to fuel the progress of his projects.


Patience, Slow Development, Pessimistic View. 

The Knight of Coins in reverse is not an adventurer, preferring the stable work and the routine. That isn’t necessarily bad if you do it with confidence and follow your goals.
From time to time, it is important to slow down and find a methodology, avoiding the impulsive stimuli that may drive us off the road.
Every project has faster and slower developments. If everything flows more passively than you expect, be sure that the progress depends on your own efforts.

Sometimes that development is not in your hands and you depend on suppliers or business approvals, etc. In that case, you mustn’t rush the process and let it go with the flow. This is a good moment to have a break while you wait.

This Knight is a patient man, just like an agriculturist that waits for the right moment to plant the seeds and to collect the fruits. That shows great knowledge and experience in the business (or health and education) fields, so we need to listen to his words and develop our own skills while waiting for the outside aspects to reconnect to our path. 

It is very important to hear the Knight’s advice because this card in reverse may show some tendencies for impatient decisions and actions. That time of slow progress commonly generates boring and pessimistic views, but you know already that it is not as dark as you paint it – it is just your anxiety crying out loud. Be sure you find a way to control it before it affects your social and romantic life.
Depending on the context, the Knight of Coins reversed may also develop an arrogant attitude or a money obsession which are a little poisonous for any project.