Queen of Coins

Element: EARTH / WATER

Upright: Luxurious, Homemaker, Supportive
Reversed: Selfish, Materialistic, Neglecting Mother

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Luxurious, Homemaker, Supportive. 

The Queen of Coins sits on a throne full of golden fruits and plants, surrounded by a luxurious garden that expresses her direct connection to Nature.
Therefore, she reflects abundance and material wealth, being able to support her family and to make sure that there is nothing they lack.
She is a resourceful and independent woman, her hard and practical work generated considerable financial gains and she is capable of sharing and expanding her generosity to her loved ones.

As a Queen, she has also a strong connection with the element Water, so she is especially emotional in the domestic context, exploring her kind and loving side. Some interpretations say that she is able to manage a great balance between her work and her home/social life.
Note that her material security can also be related to your health or creative work.

Her clothing has details from different cultures, affirming her high education and sophistication. Like the Page, she has very good taste in the arts in general. She is in touch with her beauty and feels comfortable with her own body.
The huge coin she holds with both hands (suggesting security) has a depiction of the Greek goddess Hestia, which is related to domesticity, family and home. On the top of her head, the golden/solar halo has an engraved small altar, also a symbol of Hestia.
The white rabbit at her feet is generally described as a symbol of fertility, and both physical and spiritual prosperity. Sometimes, that same rabbit advises us to have more fun, to enjoy and share the pleasures of life.

In her throne, in addition to the golden fertility symbols, we can also find a sphinx that holds the entire structure. The Sphinx (despite her negative attributes, especially described in her Greek version) is a major symbol of protection and guardianship.

The Queen of Coins is commonly manifested as a mother, or a supportive feminine figure, a close friend, a mentor, a teacher, etc. She is usually wealthy and generous and makes you feel welcome in her home.


Selfish, Materialistic, Neglecting Mother.

The reversed Queen of Coins, contrary to the nurturing, caring mother of the upright version, invests all her energy and wealth in herself. She is definitely an independent and successful woman that feeds her luxurious lifestyle.

It is also common to see the Queen of Coins as someone who is very materialistic, greedy, easily bored and with no control of her own wealth. Some interpretations define her as a neglecting mother who puts her desires above everything/everyone else.

Alternatively, when the Queen of Coins appears inverted, it can mean that you are struggling to find a balance between your work and family. It is a common dilemma in our lives; feeling that we need to work more to provide for our family and, at the same time, that we do not spend enough time with them. In this case you need to be sure about your priorities and have a longer-term vision. Sometimes we just work obsessively to give all the best to our family when most of the time it is preferable a simple but happy life, spending quality time together with the ones you care about.