The suit of Wands is connected to our personal growth. Most of the time, it reveals aspects of our career or health.

Wands have the element Fire as its great influencer. Fire is viewed in different perspectives as a great propeller of our passions and motivation, driving our mental projections to manifest themselves in the material world. For that reason, we denote an active effect in our creativity and artistic development.

Some people speak about a secret internal Fire, which is an invisible force that stimulates our essence and bodies. Symbolically, it also refers to our determination and will to succeed. The sparkle of life is given to our ideas, as the alchemical fire is the spirit that animates static matter.

This powerful element has, however, an unstable duality within itself. It could be a very positive influence on our daily lives, but it is also hard to control. If we are not able to calm its strength, it may drive us to disastrous and unpredictable outcomes.


Personal Growth
Material World


AceInspiration, New Opportunities, EnthusiasmCreative blocks, Lack of energy, Delays
TwoAmbition, Planning, Leaving Comfort zoneLack of Planning, Fear of Change, Avoiding risk
ThreeProgress, Growth, Foresight, New ideasRestriction, Playing Safe, Lack of Progress
FourGathering, Celebration, SupportLack of Support, Insecurity, Conflict
FiveConflict, Competition, DisagreementEnd of Hostility, Agreement / Fear of Confrontation, Internal Conflict
SixAchievement, Self-confidence, Public RecognitionDelayed Achievement, Lack of Self-Esteem / Fall from Grace, Defeat
SevenOpposition, Standing up for beliefs, PerseveranceSurrender, Exhaustion, Loosing the Battle
EightDynamism, Enthusiasm, Free to GrowLack of Movement, Restrictions / Going too Fast, Impatience
NineOverprotection, Obstinacy, EnduranceExhaustion, Refuse to Give up / Lack of Backbone, Not focused
TenHeavy Burden, Delays, End in SightToo much Responsibility, Breakdown
PageExciting projects, Fresh Ideas, CreativityCreative blocks, Lack of energy, Delays
KnightFiery Personality, Impulsiveness, Dynamic ProgressionArrogance, Lack of Self-Control, Reckless, Pessimistic
QueenConfidence, Passionate, Hot TemperedChaotic, Temperamental, Low-Confidence
KingGreat Leadership, Vision, BoldnessBoring, Uninspired / Bully, Bad Leader