Find out about the symbology, upright and reversed meaning and interpretation. If you are looking for the alternative cards’ symbology, check in the correspondent card number page. In the bottom you find a keyword, element and zodiac chart.


The FoolThe Fooless0 Free Spirit, new beginnings, spontaneity Recklessness, risk-takingAirUranos
The MagicianThe Alchemist1Manifestation, Inspiration, SkillsGreed, Manipulation, Untapped talentsAir & EarthMercury
The High Priestess2Intuition, Spirituality, Faith, Subconscious mindReleasing Pain, Healing / Repressing EmotionsWaterMoon
The Empress3Sensuality, Creativity, Abundance Insecurity, Carelessness, Lack of InspirationEarthVenus
The Emperor4 Structure, Methodology, LeadershipLack of Discipline, Domination, Stubborn, Low ConcentrationFireMarsAries
The Pope5Traditional Values, Reverence, Conformity, ObedienceChallenging tradition, Personal beliefs, Non-conformityEarthVenusTaurus
The Lovers6Choices, Harmony, UnionsEgotism, Detachment, Bad ChoicesAirMercuryGemini
The Chariot7Success, Determination, Willpower, ControlLack of Direction, Aggression, PowerlessnessWaterMoonCancer
Justice8Cause-Effect, Truth, FairnessUnfairness, Dishonesty, ConsequenceAirVenusLibra
The Hermit9Introspection, Self-reflection, Inner-guidanceLoneliness, Detachment, Anti-socialEarthMercuryVirgo
The Wheel of Fortune10Turning point, Good Luck, KarmaBad Luck, Upheaval, Unwelcome ChangesFireJupiter
FortitudeStrength11Inner Strength, Control, CourageSelf-Doubt, Uncontrolled Emotions, WeaknessFireSunLeo
The Hanged ManPrudence12New Perspective, Pause, SacrificeImpulsiveness, Negative Patterns, StagnationWaterNeptune
DeathRebirth / Misery Collector13Major Change, Renewal, TransitionResistance to Change, Attachment to the Past, StagnationWaterMars & PlutoScorpio
Temperance14Moderation, Patience, HarmonyExcess, Instability, Self-indulgenceFireJupiterSagittarius
The DevilThe Temptation15Bondage, Addiction, Materialism, Lack of ControlDetachment, Freedom, Reclaiming ControlEarthSaturnCapricorn
The Tower16Crisis, Failure, RevelationResisting Change, Delaying the Inevitable, RuptureFireMars
The Star17Renewal, Hope, InspirationLack of Motivation, Hopelessness, DisconnectionAirSaturn & UranusAquarius
The Moon18Illusion, Subconscious, IntuitionUnveiling Secrets, Release of Fear, ConfusionWaterJupiter & NeptunePisces
The Sun19Optimism, Joy, Success, FreedomBlocked Happiness, Pessimism, Unrealistic Expectations, Overly OptimisticFire Sun
The Judgement20Inner Calling, Awakening, LiberationSelf-doubt, Ignoring the Call, Inability to Learn Karmic LessonsFire & WaterPluto
The Universe21Wholeness, Achievement, SuccessDelays, Disappointment, StagnationEarthSaturn