The Sun

Number: 19 | Element: FIRE | Planet: SUN

Upright: Optimism, Joy, Success, Freedom
Reversed: Blocked Happiness, Pessimism, Unrealistic Expectations, Overly Optimistic


The Sun is a card that illuminates our lives: it brings positive energy and abundant joy.

The previous card gave us a disturbing sense of anxiety and fear but with The Sun on the table we see that it was worth the struggle.

The shining light of The Sun is a gift of optimistic revelation and enlightens the most obscure corners. All the lies and secrets that contributed to your anxieties and doubts are now unveiled, which is liberating.

In the card’s forefront we observe three naked women who can be identified as the three Graces. The three mythological figures, sometimes called Charities, daughters of Zeus:

– Aglaea, whose name means “The Shining one”, is a goddess of beauty, splendour, glory and magnificence. She is also the older one of the Graces.

– Euphrosyne, “The Joyous”, is a goddess of good cheer, joy and mirth. She fills the world with pleasant moments and good will.

– Thalia, “The Blooming”, is a deity of festivities and abundance, as well as sumptuous banquets.

These divinities are generally presented together in mythological art related to festive celebrations and moments of great happiness as we can see in Botticelli’s Primavera.

The young, naked child that resembles Amor, represents the absolute purity and connection with our inner spirit. Similarly, the white horse in the background means strength and virtue.

In Greek mythology, this horse is related to Pegasus, the white winged horse that helped Bellerophon defeat the monstrous Chimera – a symbol of our worries and deepest fears.

The young crowned woman that caresses the horse is Persephone, the virgin deity in the Greek pantheon. She represents Spring and the vegetal luxuriance as a gift after the dark period of Winter – bringing the most positive attributes of the Sun with her.

The garden of sunflowers commonly signifies good fortune and vitality in ancient China; or harvest and reward for the native Americans. The fields of sunflowers guide us to a statue of the Ephesian Artemis, the “great mother goddess”, as a symbol of fertility and childbirth.

The colour yellow filling the atmosphere manifests the power of the Sun and an unequivocal symbol of vitality and happiness.

Upright Meaning and Interpretation

Optimism, Joy, Success, Freedom.

When The Sun appears in an upright position it represents success and enthusiasm. 

It suggests that happiness and joy are coming your way. You conquered the dark aspects of your unconscious, assuring you are finally free.

You radiate positive, beautiful energy and that energy will inspire other people as well.

If you are living a difficult time, The Sun gives you the hope and strength you need, because things will get much better soon.

Reversed Meaning and Interpretation

Blocked Happiness, Pessimism, Unrealistic Expectations, Overly Optimistic.

In the reversed position, The Sun indicates you may have significant difficulties finding your positive energy. The clouds are still blocking your Sun and they keep you away from the inspirational aspects of your life.

You may experience setbacks, which are harming your optimism and enthusiasm.

The Sun in reverse does not mean that the situation or circumstances are bad but you are feeling pessimistic and focusing on the negative aspects – that clouds your perspective. Do not let these negative thoughts dominate your life because the Sun is there, you need to let it shine.

On the other hand, you may have unrealistic expectations, have been too optimistic or have an overconfident perception of certain situations. Make sure that things are developing over the right foundations and that you are not growing your selfish and arrogant side.