Terra Volatile

a tarot deck by Credo quia Absurdum

This unique set contains a few alternative cards and allows you to build your own personal deck. In addition, a new suit is included – the Vessels – the transfiguration of the classical element Aether, also called Quintessence. 

We designed this deck, creating each card by ourselves and wrote every single meaning with soo much love. This was a project with a massive number of hours. So we ask you to report every single replica deck you see from Terra Volatile. For now all decks are sold out – so any deck you see online is fake for sure. We are heartbroken to see people doing money on our behalf. We ask you to support small businesses and artists, buying the real product.

(we will update soon this website with the missing cards symbology)

Terra Volatile Tarot Deck

Unveil the Symbology

Major Arcana

22 cards representing situations we all face in the grand scheme called life, each one carrying specific messages.


The suit of Cups is governed by the element of Water and represents our emotional level of consciousness. 


The suit of swords – classical element Air -, is related essentially to the mind and rational thoughts and attitudes.


The Wands have the element Fire as its great influencer. This suit is connected to our personal growth.


The suit of Coins, the element of Earth, is related to the material aspects of life, such as health, wealth and financial gains. 


The Vessels embody the Quintessence, a celestial substance that binds all four elements together.