The suit of Swords is related essentially to the mind and rational thoughts and attitudes. Metaphorically speaking, the sword is a weapon for mental freedom that unchains us from ignorance. Similarly to a sharp sword, a sharp mind denotes a quality of a keen and discerning intellect.

For that reason we compare the symbolic sword to the classical element Air, active and enthusiastic, full of wisdom. Swords as mental concepts have deep contrary mental aspects, and just like physical swords, they have the capacity to create discord and chaos if used with cruel intentions. In the same way, they also protect and create peace and harmony.




AceMental Clarity, New Projects, FocusConfusion, Inability to Concentrate, Clouded Judgement
TwoDifficult Decisions, Impasse, BlindnessTruth Revealed / Hesitation, Postponement
ThreeHeartbreak, Depression, GriefReleasing Pain, Healing / Repressing Emotions
FourFeeling Overwhelmed, Withdrawal, RecoveryAwakening / Exhaustion, Breakdown
FiveHostility, Defeat, Winning at all CostsReconciliation, Communication / Escalating Violence
SixMoving Forward, Healing, Releasing BaggageRough Journey, Stuck in Past, Slow Healing
SevenBetrayal, Trickery, Mental ManipulationConscience, Truth Revealed / Deeper Lies and Cheating
EightFeeling Trapped, Self-Victimizing, Negative ThoughtsFreedom, Releasing from Negativity / Self-Harm Behaviours
NineFears, Anxiety, Negative ThoughtsLight at the End of the Tunnel, Recovering / Breakdown, Depression
TenBackstabbing, Victimization, OverreactingSurviving Disaster, Lessons Learned / Complete Ruin, Relapse
PageCuriosity, New Ideas, Mental AgilityLack of Ideas, Bad Communication, Mental Games
KnightAmbition, Motivation, ImpulsivenessLack of Direction, Self-obsessed, Arrogant
QueenIndependency, Honesty, Constructive CriticismBitchy, Manipulative / Over-emotional
KingMental Clarity, Discipline, IntegrityOppressive, Lack of Structure, Unethical