Knight of Swords

Element: AIR / AIR

Upright: Ambition, Motivation, Impulsiveness
Reversed: Lack of Direction, Self-obsessed, Arrogant

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Ambition, Motivation, Impulsiveness.

This card reveals a full-armoured Knight with his sword raised in the air, advancing courageously into the battlefield. In his armour, many are the details related to Air, the element that fully rules this particular card. We see the feathers, the wings and even the silver colour have a major significance in the card’s meaning and its intellectual attributes.

The fearless warrior rides a strong horse, also with armour on, that gallops at full speed. The horse’s greyish colour is linked to the mental plan, as the element mercury is also linked to our mind in alchemical tradition. Note that in alchemy, mercury could also have a connection to the spirit, which differs from the concept of soul, which is related to sulphur.

The Knight of Swords has his quest well defined and he runs fervently to obtain victory. It is hard to stop him in his campaign – he fights and works hard in order to achieve the best outcomes for his personal projects.

He is someone dedicated to the intellectual fields and mental stimulation. His enthusiasm and energy influence us to stand up and struggle for what we want. That is a positive and motivating aspect of the Knight of Swords. 

The confident and heroic attitude may drive him into dangerous territory and many reckless and risky decisions can be made without him realising it.

Finally, this Knight is full of ambition and reminds us to be assertive in getting what we want. His energy is a great inspiration to act and achieve our goals. 

On the other hand, he can be impulsive in his actions and as he goes forwards in his obsessive quest, some unintended consequences may show up. For that reason, you may need to moderate your compulsive behaviour and impulsiveness and slow down a little. It is quite important to focus on your goals and to embrace the motivational period. But you need to remember, this can also drive you into selfishness and arrogance; and the people close to you may be affected.


Lack of Direction, Self-obsessed, Arrogant.

The Knight of Swords in reverse says that you are overflowing with energy and inspiration, but you are not channelling that energy effectively into action. You may feel a little frustrated because you feel the motivation to walk forward but something is holding you back. It may be related to many factors, such as the wrong timing, the lack of resources or someone else who is not ready yet.

You are boiling with energy and if you do not find a way to release it, you will eventually blow up. Use that inner fire in other smaller projects, in something creative so you do not waste that energy in vain. It takes time and patience to find the way to fit energy and timing in perfect harmony. Do not be impulsive or reckless, study the possibilities and the surroundings and do not be afraid of failure, for it could help you, somehow, to build better opportunities in the future.

This reversed card suggests, as well, that your quest for inner success may bring negative aspects to the surface. You became arrogant, rude, and self-obsessed and your actions have harmful effects on the people around you. You seem to ignore them but there is no sourest thing than a victory in solitude.