Page of Swords

Element: AIR / EARTH

Upright: Curiosity, New Ideas, Mental Agility
Reversed: Lack of Ideas, Bad Communication, Mental Games

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Curiosity, New Ideas, Mental Agility.

The Page of Swords shows us a young man, holding a sword with both hands. The swords pointing upwards represent the influence of the element Air over the passive attributes of the Earth, which is the element common to all Pages. With that dynamic mental influence, the Page of Swords develops a natural thirst for knowledge and curiosity.

The Page of Swords is a person full of enthusiasm and energy that is directly propelled into new ideas and ways of thinking. He has this ability to think differently and look for innovative methods. As we can see, he poses vigilantly at the top of a mountain, affirming a new and wider perspective, gathering as much information as possible.

He is also like David who killed Goliath, a giant who symbolises our subconscious mind, growing big fed by our fears and doubts, as well as by the heavy baggage of our traditions and beliefs. The boy defeated the monstrous man: we can actually see the severed head at his feet. The giant was a huge impediment to the Page’s curious spirit, but now he is free to explore his intellectual capacities and dive fearlessly into exciting new projects.

In general, the Swords are related to communication. The Page of Swords suggests that we are exploring different ways of expression, communicating with others in a more authentic way, exposing our ideas and opinions wisely.

However, as an intelligent young man, the Page also advises us to rethink our ideas before we expose them by being patient and avoiding any unnecessary conflict. The intellect is your weapon, and you should study your surroundings very well before you act, just like the figure of the Page does in this card.


Lack of Ideas, Bad Communication, Mental Games.

Normally, when you get the Page of Swords reversed it means that you may feel disappointed and frustrated with the lack of ideas and inspiration.

You might have acted without thinking, driving yourself into some avoidable conflicts, being perhaps defensive or cynical. Some interpretations suggest that most of it is a result of bad communication. For that reason, this card may appear as a warning about the way you speak and interact with other people.

In addition, our mental faculties may not be used the best way, revealing some kind of bitterness, malicious gossip or manipulation.

Remember that the swords are mental weapons, just like communication, and the way you use them has a major influence on what you get in the future. Use it wisely.