The suit of Cups is governed by the element of Water and represents our emotional level of consciousness. Therefore, it is a symbol of renovation, filled with the spiritual force that gives life. When the cups are upright, they generally contain blessings; and when inverted, these blessings are drained and put away.

Cups, by revealing aspects of our emotional side, also speak of our social life, love and relationships, and how the self relates with others.

Water is symbolically an element of personal development: very adaptive and receptive, usually softening our most passionate and uncontrolled impulses. It also can be harmful when too much energy and enthusiasm are applied, especially in our connection with others – Water claims for calmness and understanding.


Social Life
Emotional Side


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AceLove, New Relationships, Happiness, CreativitySelf-love, Repressed Emotions, Lack of Inspiration
TwoUnity, Partnership, Mutual AttractionSeparation, Lack of Communication, Disharmony
ThreeCelebration, Friendship, GatheringsExcess, Isolation, Imbalanced social life
FourInertia, Disappointment, ReevaluationAwareness, Clarity, Emergence
FiveRegrets, Mourning, Stuck to the Past, Emotional Instability Acceptance, Self-forgiveness, Moving On
SixChildhood Memories, Comfort and Security, JoyLack of Adventurous Spirit, Stolen Innocence, Stuck in the Past
SevenTemptation, Superficiality, Decoy, IllusionRealistic Choices, Determination, Lack of Options
EightDisappointment, Letting go, Self-discoveryStagnation, Fear of Moving on, Low Self-esteem
NineAchievements, Recognition, PleasureDisappointment, Lack of Fulfillment, Pessimism
TenHappiness, Emotional Balance, FulfillmentBroken Home, Domestic Conflict, Disharmony
PageSensibility, Artistic Expression, NaivetyDullness, Immaturity, Neglecting the Inner Child
KnightProposals, Creativity, Calmness, Charming PersonDisappointment, Heartbreaking, Moodiness
QueenCompassion, Warmth, Counsellor, SensitivityCo-dependency, Insecurity, Manipulative
KingEmotional Balance, Diplomacy, Good LeadershipPessimistic, Selfishness, Immaturity