Ten of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Happiness, Emotional Balance, Fulfilment
Reversed: Broken Home, Domestic Conflict, Disharmony

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Happiness, Emotional Balance, Fulfilment.

The Ten of Cups, as the highest number, reflects happiness and gratification, showing that love, imagination, and joy will come to us as gifts. We can say that you will be very happy to see this upright card in your spread.

The main couple on the card is celebrating the occasion, inspired by the rainbow of Cups while a child is drawing, and another couple is dancing by the river. The river itself represents the energy of flowing water, which is a great indicator of emotional development and fulfilment.

Everything you wanted, you will have in abundance, and you will feel truly blessed. Your hard work and wise decisions are fully reflected in this card, so it is time for celebration.

Unlike the Nine of Cups, this card is beyond materialistic accomplishments, for it also represents true emotional and spiritual happiness, social and romantic relationships, and family. Instead of enjoying life by yourself, you will be able now to share it with the ones you love.


Broken Home, Domestic Conflict, Disharmony.

This card in reverse is generally not a good omen. The familiar balance from the upright position turns into discontentment and conflicts.

The inverted Ten of Cups usually refers to a dysfunctional family situation or unhappy home. Often secrets and unsolved problems create a heavy domestic environment in which everyone works to keep the appearance of a healthy family for the outside world.

The same way, the bonds that united our family, closest friends or beloved ones are breaking; and we can note an evident withdrawal to avoid hostility and animosity. To deal with domestic or familiar conflict is arduous and troublesome though sometimes we need to budge and take the initiative to make peace, otherwise we will live in constant turmoil or tension.