Page of Cups

Element: WATER / EARTH

Upright: Sensibility, Artistic Expression, Naivety
Reversed: Dullness, Immaturity, Neglecting the Inner Child

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Sensibility, Artistic Expression, Naivety.

The Page of Cups represents the bringer of messages: good news, important information, an invitation or simply gossip.

As a figure, he represents a sensitive child or young man or woman in emotional development who is somehow a daydreamer or a naive person. Not inclined to facts and logic, he is more creative and imaginative, as suggested by the fish in the cup.

The Page is associated with the element Earth of the suite of Cups. He is an artist who brings inspiration to hop on new experiences with no fear of failure, and gives courage to keep fighting for our dreams, too. The Page incites us to express ourselves by translating our feelings and ideas to the physical world in different ways, such as painting, dancing, writing, etc.


Dullness, Immaturity, Neglecting the Inner Child.

The Page of Cups in reverse is usually a messenger of bad or sad news. However, the content of the message might not be as bad as the receiver gets it, but because of the emotional immaturity or an inability to comprehend the message, it might appear worse than it is. This Page is characterised by this immaturity, but be not alarmed, because it may be a valuable moment to learn a lesson.

Alternatively, the inverted Page represents the lack of sensibility and detachment to the world. It also reflects an unfruitful imagination and difficulties in self-expression in creative fields, or the verbalisation of emotions. All of that contributes to a kind of a dullness of spirit and apathetic attitude. To fight that, try to reconnect yourself to your inner-child and learn to be more adventurous.