Knight of Cups

Element: WATER / AIR

Upright: Proposals, Creativity, Calmness, Charming Person
Reversed: Disappointment, Heartbreak, Moodiness

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Proposals, Creativity, Calmness, Charming Person.

The Knight of Cups is a romantic impersonation of a charming prince riding a white horse (symbol of pure energy), who portrays active passions and desires. The calm waters and fertile ground at his feet are a good sign of a peaceful, enjoyable environment. This feeling of harmony and peacefulness is evident in an internal and external way.

Since his winged helmet resembles the god Hermes, messenger of the Olympus, he bears a message with him. He represents the approach of new proposals and offers, usually followed by great excitement.

While the Page of Cups brings inspiration, the Knight converts it into action. Through this motivation the dream-like aspirations come closer to reality, just like how a painter translates an idea onto a canvas. The Knight is an intelligent character who encourages us to step forward and make things happen; that way we find a greater balance between our emotions (Cups) and our mind (Air-Knight).

The Knight of Cups can also personify someone in your life who is attractive and charming, or a special event. The Knight itself appreciates the arts and has a strong sense of the aesthetic, which means that this card might suggest that a project with great emotional significance or creative value to ourselves is forthcoming.


Disappointment, Heartbreak, Moodiness.

The Knight of Cups in reverse may suggest a feeling of discouragement instead of motivation. This feeling may drive us into a state of emotional overwhelm and detachment from the world. Knights are about action, if we see them in reverse, we can expect things to pause or stagnate for a while.

The Knight in reverse unveils a period of emotional instability, in which emotions such as jealousy or moodiness have control over our judgment and actions. In this position, the charming and appealing person or situation he personifies may have negative influences on us and our current position. This Knight may look attractive and charming at first but quickly turns out to be something quite different.

He is more into his physical desires and can also be manipulative or hypocrite, bringing messages of heartbreak or disappointment.