Two of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Unity, Partnership, Mutual Attraction
Reversed: Separation, Lack of Communication, Disharmony

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Unity, Partnership, Mutual Attraction.

The two of Cups represents harmony and cooperation between two compatible personalities – in other words, two individuals who work very well together.

The two soulmates were intertwined (like the snakes on the card) by fate and karma to bring fulfilment to both of them. Symbolically, it refers to the harmony and balance of our internal dichotomies, our inner opposites are finding a mutual reconciliation. The Hermes’s caduceus at the centre is a major symbol of diplomacy, mediation and communication, which is the base of development and understanding of any society.

The figures are crowned with laurel, symbol of victorious outcome and portray the immortal love and reunion of Eros with his lover Psyche. They represent our emotional side that graciously find our soul and they grow up together. The mythological love story unveils the card’s possibility for a new healing romance in our lives.


Separation, Lack of Communication, Disharmony.

In reverse, the Two of Cups may pertain to a broken alliance. The balance that stabilized the opposite forces is disturbed and it is visible the lack of synchrony between allies. Instead of an attraction, they seem to repel each other, due to the persistence of a negative energy surrounding them. They are probably aiming at different goals though following the same project, which stretches it to a rupture point.

Communication is demanding in this situation, so order and harmony are reestablished. This sense of instability could relate to your inner self, which means that you need to retrieve your emotional balance in order to connect to others in a healthier way. To recover this harmony, try to devote more love and care to yourself, but without being selfish and arrogant. Keep it balanced, not lopsided.