Ace of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Love, New Relationships, Happiness, Creativity
Reversed: Self-love, Repressed Emotions, Lack of Inspiration

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Love, New Relationships, Happiness, Creativity.

The Ace of Cups overflows with joy, love and harmony. You are at peace and that has a great influence on people around you. As a consequence, new emotional relationships, be it friendship or romance, may come to your life. If you are already in a relationship, you can expect it to strengthen and grow.

The big cup at the centre of the card symbolises the harmony of our emotional mind, while the birds take that balanced state to conscious awareness. That allows us to enjoy this moment of pure happiness with no disturbances.

For some authors, the Ace of Cups is described as our home, the place where we feel safe and connected to our beloved ones.


Self-love, Repressed Emotions, Lack of Inspiration.

In reverse, the Ace means that you are repressing your emotions, preferring to keep your feelings closed than to express them fully to the world. You are probably afraid of other people’s reactions to your emotions. Of course that only you know your true self, and this means you do not have to share anything (if you are not comfortable), but it is always good to have someone to speak in private to alleviate your heart and ease your pain and discomfort. Repressed and stagnated emotions tend to have an unhealthy growth and feed unwanted states of mind.

This card in a reversed position can also say that you need to love yourself. You may have experienced significant pain but you now need to move on. Take time to dedicate to yourself so you can reconnect to a higher state of consciousness. Self-devotion is vital to rekindle our mind and soul. That way you will feel more prepared to socialise with other people and eventually open your heart again.

The Cup upside-down pours the liquid away, which may also affect your creativity and inspiration – and consequently your feelings. You need to fill the cup again and not let yourself stagnate. Remember that stagnant waters are not drinkable.