King of Wands

Element: FIRE / FIRE

Upright: Great Leadership, Vision, Boldness
Reversed: Boring, Uninspired / Bully, Bad Leader

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Great Leadership, Vision, Boldness.

The King of Wands represents a strong flowing energy. The burning staff on his right hand, a phallic form, can be symbolically seen as his genitals, asserting the masculine principle and active Fire.

His vigorous presence, sitting on a throne of flames, suggests an energetic and passionate man, full of creative enthusiasm.

The Fire that rules the suit of Wands finds another Fire that rules the Kings on the tarot. These energies merge into an incandescent figure, commonly described as someone with brazen temperament, demanding others to be as efficient and dedicated as himself.

We cannot deny that the King shows some authoritarian characteristics, affirming his advanced skills on leadership. As a mature man, he shows effective management of his career. However, some interpretations indicate that he has no particular interest in creativity. As a leader, he prefers to enlist other people to materialise his ideas.

The richly decorated outfit pertains to his accomplishments in life, while the leopard pelt around his waist is a symbol of his strength (a reminder of the lion in Strength in Major Arcana). Barely visible on his left hand is a salamander, a common symbol of the element Fire.

On the bright side, the King of Wands is an optimistic and inspiring person and a naturally honest ruler. He can also be considered as someone with vision and effective methodology, showing his enormous experience, discipline, and pragmatism. 


Boring, Uninspired / Bully, Bad Leader.

In reverse, the King of Wands discloses low energy and motivation. These aspects represent a bad leader, powerless, unable to inspire the others.

You are probably so worried about other people’s opinion that you just do not go forward. You just accepted what you have and are not wishing more, afraid of failing.

Alternatively, the King in reverse may assume the negative attributes of the Fire. He embodies a rude and bully person who gets what he wants and imposes his ideas with brute force.

The extreme power of Fire may also describe excessively proud, egotistical and arrogant behaviours. The tendency to be impulsive and reckless is a common attribute too.

As we see, the Double Fire that rules this card may have negative influences on you and demand some self-control. Try to see the others’ point of view and be less stubborn to understand that you still have a lot to learn. This is an actual way to improve yourself and your skills to have what it takes to be a good leader.