Queen of Wands

Element: FIRE / WATER

Upright: Confidence, Passionate, Hot Tempered
Reversed: Chaotic, Temperamental, Low-Confidence

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Confidence, Passionate, Hot Tempered. 

The Queen of Wands depicts the vitality of an attractive young woman sitting on a white cloth, suggesting a posture of a confident and ambitious person.

The wood staff on her left hand, as portrayed in the most beneficial cards on this suit, sprouts leaves and has a bright Sun on top. It unveils a symbol of spiritual expression on a material plane that can be perceived as the dark sphere on the right hand. Also, many sunflowers surround her (symbols of realisation and happiness), affirming her creative power and its influence on the physical world and the people around.

These two objects represent the active and receptive principles in equilibrium. She accomplished this balance both in higher and lower levels, external and internal.

Her maturity and self-awareness allowed her to learn how to channel her creative energy to more constructive results, with motivation and long-term planning.

Many Kings and Queens in many mythological tales held courts with big felines, like the mysterious leopard on her side. It has a similar meaning to the lion in Strength, showing a tamed beast, easing the strong impulses typical of the Fire-dominated cards. At the same time, it shows a certain sensuality and feminine elegance that may suggest the animal transfiguration of the Queen itself.

In general, the Queen of Wands gives you an optimistic and passionate vision, helping you to organise your life and your plans for the future. Her great sensuality combined with a keen sense of humour might reveal a hot temper.

Her abundant energy represents someone who is very busy: the pursuit of an artistic and creative life, making connections with a lot of people and working on many things at the same time. With that, she can be a little chaotic and forgetful in some matters as well as she likes to be the centre of all attention, revealing sometimes a theatrical exaggeration. 


Chaotic, Temperamental, Low-Confidence. 

The Queen of Wands in reverse may say that you may have become overwhelmed by the many tasks you are committed to, consequently, you may feel exhausted.

Other versions speak about being disorganised and very chaotic, also because of your inability to deal with too many things.

All these aspects and the lack of energy may contribute to a feeling of pessimism and nervous temperament, losing control of your Fire and Water – sometimes identified as an emotional explosion. It can take different unpleasant shapes such as arrogance, and vengeful or malicious attitudes.

This is a card that shows up to advise you to moderate your fire and try to find your inner balance. You feel like boiling water and right now it is demanding to relax and calm yourself down.

You must also reduce the number of tasks you are juggling, for we all have limits, and you need time to yourself, to renew energies and to welcome inspiration back into your life. That way, you will retrieve the courage and enthusiasm to rethink your strategies and make positive progress.