Knight of Wands

Element: FIRE / AIR

Upright: Fiery Personality, Impulsiveness, Dynamic Progression
Reversed: Arrogance, Lack of Self-Control, Reckless, Pessimistic

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Fiery Personality, Impulsiveness, Dynamic Progression.

It is difficult to ignore the dark atmosphere that surrounds this card. The violent characteristics of the element Fire, merged with Air, make an explosive combination.

This Knight has a fiery character with a huge ego and strong inclination to conflict. He represents someone who is incredibly competitive, running over anything or anyone in his way to get what he wants. However, this impulsive and destructive behaviour could not bring exactly what we expect, in fact, conflict brings more conflict and a certain pattern is created.

Unlike the Page and Queen, he has no sunflowers at his feet, instead a burnt and dark landscape dominates the background. His journey to the unknown leads him to a dark place, where he cannot see his steps with clarity, so he may run towards unwanted territories. This dark night reflects his immaturity and obstinacy: he is a person who acts first and thinks later.

He brings a red flag commonly identified as a danger or a warning. This is a sign that provokes a hostile reaction, an invitation to fight.

His dark green outfit, contrary to the fresh green symbolism, demonstrates a daring, impulsive behaviour, being also a symbol of inexperience and materialism.

The card advises you to control your Fire. If you side with your immaturity and mindless actions, these may lead you into the abyss.

From a positive perspective, the Knight represents dynamism and progression in your projects. He is strongly motivated and creative but he still has a tendency to exaggerate.

As he moves forward, he starts the enthusiastic materialisation of ideas and gives them the fuel to progress.

It is possible to say that his journey is full of dangers though it turns everything even more exciting.


Arrogance, Lack of Self-Control, Reckless, Pessimistic. 

The negative attributes of the Knight of Wands go even deeper in the reverse version.

The Knight tends to be arrogant and violent sometimes, imposing his ideas and looking for conflict everywhere. His immaturity turns into ignorance and his reckless posture drives him to take too many risks that could go seriously wrong.

This is a card to slow down a little and rethink your decisions. Your impulsiveness may have been leading you into the wrong direction, so it is urgent to create self-discipline.

To be humbler and find the balance from within could have benefits as well.

Alternatively, it indicates that you cannot move faster, everything is going slow because you feel uninspired, and your goals are not very exciting. The lack of ideas or imagination added some frustration to your projects and contributed to your pessimistic mood.