Page of Wands

Element: FIRE / EARTH

Upright: Exciting Projects, Fresh Ideas, Creativity
Reversed: Creative blocks, Lack of energy, Delays

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation



Exciting Projects, Fresh Ideas, Creativity.

The Page of Wands, combining the elements of Fire and Earth, suggests a tremendous creative power, manifesting his inspiration directly on the material world.

The whole chromatic system on the card, based on yellows, affirms this amazing artistic influence.

The young figure on the card walks alone in a forest, guided by the fire of his motivation. He seems to explore the unknown, being adventurous, energetic, and fearless.

His stick sprouts green leaves as a metaphor of enthusiastic creation and development. At the same time, sunflowers flourish at his left side, linked to his receptiveness, unveiling a successful insemination of the Earth – the realisation of an idea or project.

The Page’s youth and scholar attributes suggest innovative ideas coming in your direction. For that reason, it should be a good time to invest in a new project in the creative field.

On the other hand, his immaturity may suggest that you need to develop your ideas a little before an impulsive investment. The two elements that rule this card, playing together, can lead you to great achievements, but first you must learn to balance them – a blazing Sun destroys the Earth instead of fertilising it.

Figuratively, he may represent a message related to your career or creative projects. He brings motivational fire to you.

The alternative version portrays a tribal young man where the sexual energy serves as a metaphor for the crescent excitement on a creative project. As well as the other version, his staff grows plants as new ideas spout on the materialistic sphere.

On his back hangs a rifle as an alert to the destructive attributes of the Fire and tendency to conflict.


Feeling Uninspired, Laziness, Redirecting energy.

The reverse version says that you feel the energy and motivation but still do not know how to put it into action.

You may have great ideas in your mind, but you probably need to let them grow a little more and develop the perfect environment so they can sprout. Do not be impulsive by forcing them to grow or you may get disappointed.

The tendency to conflict is on the table as well, so be sure you can control your Fire.

Alternatively, it can say that you may be lacking ideas and feel uninspired or demotivated.

It could also represent someone who is lazy and spoiled, someone who does not have personal projects or exciting goals for the future.

You probably need to reconsider your goals and dreams, redirecting your energy with no boundaries – most of them are self-imposed. Do not be afraid of absurd ideas and about what the people may think about them. Patience and persistence are key.