Ten of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Heavy Burden, Delays, End in Sight
Reversed: Too much Responsibility, Breakdown

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Heavy Burden, Delays, End in Sight.

The active and dynamic properties of the suit of Wands have great positive influences on us but they are also a magnet to conflicts and new challenges.

The figure on the card is shown carrying a heavy bundle of wood sticks.

Close to him we can see a village, which indicates that he will find the release of his burden very soon. On the other hand, the sticks represent the many responsibilities and difficulties; together they slow his movements and impede him to see the path towards his haven.

In other words, you are quite close to accomplishing your mission though the weight of your burden delays your steps. You keep carrying this huge weight on your shoulders because you feel obligated to do so, as if your duty is to hold the entire world as a self-imposed responsibility. Such reminds us of the myth of Atlas, the giant that was condemned to carry the world on his shoulders because he dared to fight Zeus.

The card may want you to know that some of those responsibilities and duties are probably out of your hands and you do not need to overburden yourself with worries and senseless responsibilities. Have a moment to relax and focus on the things you can control, otherwise you will get overwhelmed and lose your sense of direction.

Different interpretations imply that the last walk is the most difficult, so it is normal to feel overburdened. The character on the card has already had a hard journey through the desert and he is getting very close to his final destination.

The card says to keep your enthusiasm and positive energy, keeping your inner fire active until the finish line. Great rewards are waiting for you.


Too much Responsibility, Breakdown.

In general, the Ten of Wands reversed is an indicator of an extremely heavy burden. You are carrying too many responsibilities and stress in your life. In the upright position, the bundle of sticks is heavy and delays our steps. In reverse, you cannot even move yourself. It suggests that you are pushing yourself so far that you are on the verge of a breakdown. Some say that could be a result of greedy behaviour, you collected a lot of projects and duties and made a huge bunch, too difficult to deal with.

It is urgent to get rid of some of those sticks, you cannot have them all, so you have to make a choice and reduce your burden. The same way you have time to clean your hard disk, deleting photos that make no sense anymore. So you must do your own life, to have more free space for new experiences and to move swiftly.