Six of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Childhood Memories, Comfort and Security, Joy
Reversed: Lack of Adventurous Spirit, Stolen Innocence, Stuck in the Past

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Childhood Memories, Comfort and Security, Joy.

The overall meaning of the Six of Cups is related to a sense of nostalgia.

The snow and the children are reminiscent of a distant past, maybe of our own childhood. It suggests a pleasant reunion based on old traditions, such as Christmas, or perhaps a reminder of the playful children in snowy Winters in Germanic or Danish folktales.

A moment of bliss and comfort awaits us, making us revive sweet old memories with people we care about. A sentimental aspect of the past is manifested in our current lives but with positive and jubilant expression. We will experience once again the carefree happiness of an innocent child, which is the most honest affirmation of joy. This is a time to get in touch with our inner child, free from the self-imposing responsibilities of adulthood. Permit yourself to be more playful, spontaneous, or creative, so you will rediscover an important part of yourself that you covered with your hectic lifestyle.

In the card, the joyous moment is represented by the flowers within the cups. The older child shares some of the cups with the younger one, like an old sister taking care and protecting her sibling. This gesture suggests a sense of comfort and security that is compatible with this card. You will be able to give and to receive without expectation and experience the true meaning of love.


Lack of Adventurous Spirit, Stolen Innocence, Stuck in the Past.

The reversed Six of Cups reveals a disconnection from the past. It could signify that you are growing up and strengthening the maturity of your actions. It sounds like a positive sign, but it also implies that you may be detaching yourself from your inner child, turning your life into a repetitive, boring cycle. Be sure that you are not assuming your adulthood in totality by neglecting the positive aspects of your inner child. In life, sometimes we need to be curious and fearless to succeed and our adult side tends to impose on us the fear of failing. That fear prevents us from many opportunities, being so impactful that it impedes us to even try.

By contrast, instead of giving the cups full of flowers, the older child is taking it from the young one in this reversed version. For that reason, the card could pertain to childhood abuse and stolen innocence.

Those kinds of issues and traumas can reflect our inability to move forward, as long as we are locked up in past memories. These memories can be related to an actual situation that has its roots in our childhood, such as a persistent obstacle that was not fully subdued.

Memories can also be so pleasant that we refuse to accept the present, living in constant nostalgia. That is also an indicator that we are not moving forward in our lives and persist in acting immaturely. Memories are not a time to live, but to remember, and learn the essence from them.