Seven of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Temptation, Superficiality, Decoy, Illusion
Reversed: Realistic Choices, Determination, Lack of Options

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Temptation, Superficiality, Decoy, Illusion.

The Seven of Cups is related to temptation. It is about embracing our physical desires and losing sight of our righteous spiritual path. We find ourselves at the crossroads, arrested by the incapacity to decide which path to choose. Many are the choices, but you need to focus on what you really want and resist the superficial easy choices.

It happens that none of the presented options are ideal for us, but they are there to make us be certain of our real needs and desires towards the future.

The card’s design depicts the inner temptation that guides us to an illusory vision. All cups seem to be attractive, full of riches or promises of power and delight. However, if we look closely, they all float above the clouds and none seem to be real, reflecting, perhaps, the mediocrity of our ambitions.

The seven cups are symbolically connected to the seven sins or vices.

The first one is Gluttony, not only applied to food excess, but for all that is excessive, such as drugs or drinking abuse, as well as partying.

The second one is related to Lust and the lascivious lifestyle that could compromise our emotional life.

The third cup, on the right side, concerns Sloth or Inertia and our inability to act when it is needed; in some cases, this lethargic behaviour could also endanger other people.

The fourth one, with the crown, is an indicator of an illusory conception of power and a prideful attitude associated with arrogance and presumptuousness.

The fifth, with the snakes, is linked to the Envy that corrupts our souls, sometimes driving us to harm other people in order to take something from them or just to deprive them from something they have.

In the sixth cup we see three golden swords that symbolise the sin of Wrath. The uncontrolled impulse for violence can be related to other sins, like Envy, Greed or Pride. It is also connected to the violent way of getting the things we desire most, as well as the wish to seek vengeance.

The seventh one, filled with gold coins, pertains one of the most common sins: Greed and the desire for material goods. The coins represent the money that contaminates us and awakens the most dreadful behaviours.

These capital vices are sometimes manifested as we try to walk the easier way, following an instant gratification. As we pursue our goals for the wrong reasons we reveal our sinister side, simply satisfying a temporary need in the present and therefore jeopardising important aspects of our careers or emotional life.

Sometimes the card appears as a projection of your desires, but it states you should not let these illusory shining cups distract you from your true goals. The way to conquest a true meaningful reward is through hard work and dedication.


Realistic Choices, Determination, Lack of Options.

The reversed Seven of Cups suggests that before so many options, you have chosen the less appealing one, yet the best for yourself. You did not let temptation put you away from your path, so you are moving in the right direction. You may regret not choosing the easier option because it looked amazing, however, your wise choice will grant you a greater personal reward and you will be much happier with your long-term decision.

If you are about to choose, you will be able to distinguish illusion from reality and your choice will be clear and trustworthy. No instant pleasure has an influence on you because your goals transcend any materialist accomplishment.

On the other hand, it could mean that you are unable to choose and feel overwhelmed. There are too many difficult choices or a lack of options. You need to focus and have a deep evaluation of the “pros” and “cons” to get the best outcomes.