Four of Cups

Element: WATER

Upright: Inertia, Disappointment, Reevaluation
Reversed: Awareness, Clarity, Emergence

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Inertia, Disappointment, Reevaluation.

This card signals that new opportunities or invitations are coming to us but we are not accepting them. That could concern different things: an oblivion of reality that keeps us from seeing the opportunities; or a constant acceptance of all and every project, which could lead us to frustration.

The sitting figure on the card is in a state of inertia, imprisoned in his own circle and unable to see around. Apathy and numbness are evident, for he shows no interest nor energy and is unwilling to take action, especially over important matters.

The three cups on the ground symbolise this person’s past experiences. Disappointed with what life has given him, he does not recognise the opportunities offered by the fourth cup. The inertia around makes it more difficult to look for new environments. A latent requirement for introspection is essential to light the surrounding darkness, so he can notice the blessing on the cloud, coming from the left side. Our dormant behaviours prevent us to see and recognise our blessings.

The sleeping dog emphasizes the idea of a drowsy consciousness and unawareness. This is a card of clairvoyance: it calls for a waking hour and reevaluation of our personal choices and the path we are taking, to understand the origin of our actual disappointment.

You shut yourself because you’re hurt and it’s like you dive into the fog and do not see the cliff one step ahead or a pile of gold by your side. Sometimes the card has a pending opportunity for you but not for the actual moment.


Awareness, Clarity, Emergence.

The inverted Four of Cups indicates that you are entering a time of inner reflection. We probably feel discontent and need to seek for a different environment to sprout. We found ourselves isolated from the world in a journey of self-discovery, just like the Hermit.

As we start to see clarity in our way, we will understand that we do not have to say “yes” to all the invitations we get. We will feel more enlightened to choose the best projects and reject the bad ones.