The Moon

Number: 18 | Element: WATER | Planet: JUPITER & NEPTUNE | Zodiac: PISCES

Upright: Illusion, Subconscious, Intuition
Reversed: Unveiling Secrets, Release of Fear, Confusion


The Star gave us the guidance we needed to pursue our goals. With The Moon we are stepping into unknown territories.

The Moon emerges hypnotic and mysterious in a gloomy landscape, denoting our fears and illusions. It often comes out when we are projecting anxiety and uncertainty about the future.

As we look further, we hardly distinguish our own path from a distance, however it is certain that we will find several hurdles and obstacles along the way. 

In the card we can see two towers, whose top is hidden by dark clouds.

If we assume that in the top of one of the towers we will find our treasure (our goal), we are consequently confronted with doubts about which tower to choose and consider its height to reach it. This decision demands us to observe the details and analyse our choice very carefully.

The two dogs howling at the Moon are placed between us and our path and represent our animalistic desires, our primary instincts. This probably implies that we need to act more rationally, controlling our impulses, because the sky is not clear and we are not able to see the big-picture. One of the dogs looks wilder than the other, so we need to avoid that one in order to keep our physical or psychological integrity.

Some authors connect the dogs, sometimes a dog and wolf, to our conscious (in that other case, the dog) and unconscious (wolf), and how we need to be aware that the line that separates them is thinner than it seems. Therefore, we must be very careful while we walk between them; limiting ourselves to the path should be the key to success.

The lobster at the bottom coming from a water pool symbolises our emotional state. As the creature leaves the water it feels more difficulties to walk, seeing itself out of its environment, suggesting an overwhelming feeling of misplacement.

That may have a negative effect in our perspective, awakening dormant insecurities or repressed issues.

An uncommon element to most of the other decks is a human figure, also at the bottom. It is possible to interpret it as someone close to us or someone who has a strong influence over us being nearby. However, in this critical moment we need to stay focused and not let external factors distract us.

The mysterious aspects of the Moon may bring secrets and lies to the scene, though this must be a personal game and we need to develop the capacity to filter those external and disturbing forces.

As we saw in the card of The High Priestess, The Moon is a great symbol of the feminine and it has a great connection with our intuition.

The card of The Moon indicates that nothing is what it seems (just like when we walk in the dark night), so we need to be careful every step of the way, taking the best of our intuition and senses to guide us through this winding path.

Placed right before The Sun, this card is of encouragement, because we are very close to reaching our goals. It suggests that a decisive battle against our darkest side is coming, followed by the final purge of the corrupted matters that impede us to find the light.

Upright Meaning and Interpretation

Illusion, Subconscious, Intuition.

The Moon shows you a darkest new path and a final challenge before you reach your objectives. The night and the moon bring a world of illusions and delusions, most of them created by ourselves.

It is time to face our shadow again. This is a moment to liberate ourselves of undercover issues and fears in order to make our minds lighter.

The battle between conscious and unconscious moves antagonistic forces that collide against each other, in which the unconscious seems to dominate. You must find the way to balance them in harmonious synchrony.

There will be secrets and lies on your way, as well as pessimistic external influences, but the path you covered so far gave you the wisdom to overcome that. Do not let your fears and anxieties prevail in this important moment, use your intuition as guidance.

The road is long and arduous, but we can see that you are actually very close to reaching your goals. The Moon gives you that motivation.

Reversed Meaning and Interpretation

Unveiling Secrets, Release of Fear, Confusion.

The Moon reversed is often related to the releasing of fears and cleansing of negative energy.

Sometimes with the reversed Moon secrets and lies are exposed, so if anything remains hidden you will unveil it. That could have negative effects on you at first though it may help you choose better paths with more confidence.

Just like a full moon, this card illuminates the road and allows us to see the obstacles with more detail. The moments of anxiety revealed by the upright Moon are almost nonexistent here, which softens your darkest unconscious impulses. Fears and doubts are dissolving.

The darkest aspects of the Moon are also manifested, just like in the upright position, making you feel confused and lost. However, you are fearless and are prepared to defy any kind of challenge: just listen to your inner voice.