Seven of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Opposition, Standing up for Beliefs, Perseverance
Reversed: Surrender, Exhaustion, Losing the Battle

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Opposition, Standing up for Beliefs, Perseverance.

This card depicts an ancient samurai fighting six wood sticks. They seem to emerge hostile against the warrior who stands in a defensive position.

After a moment of success and celebration, you need now to struggle to defend your position. Like any project, you must keep working; and as you grow bigger so do the challenges.

Some people may want to take your place, not only in your workplace but in the business market in general. If you are an artist, for instance, your battles are not fought against the other artists directly and serve as a symbolic way to improve your skills and refresh your ideas.

More than ever, you will need to redirect your efforts and energy into the battlefield, committing yourself to this fight and securing your territory. 

The sticks on fire coming from the abyss say that the strikes may come from unknown and unexpected places and we need to be focused. The armour suggests that you are already prepared for the fight but the blindfold underlines the idea that you may not know or see your adversaries. 

The attacks can assume different shapes, like words or actions and are especially aimed at your mental and emotional parts.

This is a card that defies your determination. You must be brave and stand for what you believe – Perseverance and Self-confidence are keys to succeed.


Surrender, Exhaustion, Losing the Battle. 

Contrary to the upright card, the Seven of Wands reversed indicates that you are giving up.

Instead of fighting for your beliefs you just admit defeat because of your lack of courage and stamina.
Sometimes the pressure is so great that, even if you are strong and determined, you eventually go down.

This card often represents vulnerability and exhaustion, failing, consequently, to protect your own ground.

After a great moment in the Six of Wands, you are getting unpopular and forgotten by the public. Recognition is something extremely hard to conquer and easy to lose because of its competitive aspects. If you are not committed to this battle, someone may take your place faster than you think.