Six of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Achievement, Self-Confidence, Public Recognition
Reversed: Delayed Achievement, Lack of Self-Esteem / Fall from Grace, Defeat

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Achievement, Self-Confidence, Public Recognition.

The Six of Wands is a card of victory. There is good news coming to you regarding your work, career, or artistic success. 

The main character is confident and proud with a laurel crown, symbol of the victors. He is dressed in white and rides a donkey, resembling the depictions of Christ’s triumphal entry in Jerusalem.

In his hands he holds the head of a Gorgon, related to a hard and challenging quest successfully completed. Those dreadful mythological creatures represent many times the fear and self-doubt that petrify us and block our ways. It is the fire of courage that incites us to confront them with determination, revealing new opportunities as we look forward.

On the other hand, he raises a huge torch, a symbol of clarity of spirit that lights our ways. It is a common object in classical mythology, used many times by the heroes and gods who descend into the underworld. That way we can interpret the underworld as our own subconscious mind, full of darkness; and the torch as the essential tool to illuminate our journey. 

There are people who follow the victor with rising sticks with green leaves. They symbolise public recognition, which is a great award, especially if you work in the creative and artistic field.

Alternatively, they may represent a sign that the main figure leads them into the successful way.

The skeletons at the bottom mean at the same time the many battles fought and the darkness of ignorance and vanity left behind.


Delayed Achievement, Lack of Self-Esteem / Fall from Grace, Defeat.

In reverse position, this card could also symbolise a victorious outcome. However, there may be delays and other challenges in your way. You need to trust yourself and your skills and cultivate your self-esteem. You already have the potential to achieve success, but you must be more confident to reach public recognition.

From a less positive perspective, it suggests that you are falling from grace due to some egotistical and arrogant behaviours.

It also can speak about disappointment and defeat, so you may need to go back and strengthen your weak points.