Eight of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Dynamism, Enthusiasm, Free to Grow
Reversed: Lack of Movement, Restrictions / Going too Fast, Impatience

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation



Dynamism, Enthusiasm, Free to Grow. 

The Eight of Wands is a card of progressive action and how fast you are approaching your goals.

This is a card often described as rapid development and growing, affirming the most active attributes of the Fire that dominates this suit.

The previous cards were about struggle and persistence, but now the sky is clear and the earth receptive and open to your expansion. 

Those won battles gave you the inspiration and enthusiasm to fuel your projects and make them reach the skies. There are no boundaries or external disturbances to prevent you from growing freely.

As a dynamic card, you can experience remarkably busy times, which is a good omen and synonym of progress and development.

In the card’s design, the wood sticks are growing leaves as a good sign of progress; and they seem to culminate in a point in the sky. The eye among the clouds assumes the meaning of clarity of thought as well as guidance and awareness. You know exactly what you want, and you manifest it into your actions, working in the right direction.

The alternative card portrays someone who had challenging times (as seen in the Seven of Wands) that can be defined by the crown of thorn on her head. However, if you look closely, the thorns grew some green leaves and expanded greatly in the air. In this card, the skies are also open and unobstructed to allow your fast spreading.


Lack of Movement, Restrictions / Going too Fast, Impatience.

The Eight of Wands reversed, unlike the upright position, could mean a terribly slow progress or lack or movement in your projects.

It is a card that comes with restrictions that prevent you from acting and growing. It is probably a sign that you are investing time and energy in the wrong direction and need to rethink or look again to where your goals stand.

As the resultant lack of energy and pessimism take over you, everything starts to slow down. So it is a strong indicator that courage and perseverance are essential to make your projects expand.

Alternatively, you may go too fast and need to slow down a little to observe the path you are following. Have a pause to think if you are running in the right direction, otherwise you may end up frustrated. Also, some of our projects, as in agriculture, need more patience. If you cannot wait, you will not take the sweetest fruits.