Two of Wands

Element: FIRE

Upright: Ambition, Planning, Leaving Comfort Zone
Reversed: Lack of Planning, Fear of Change, Avoiding Risk

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Ambition, Planning, Leaving Comfort Zone.

The Two of Wands shows a man holding a small golden sphere. He has the world in his hands, but he has bigger ambitions.

Despite his luxurious life, he does look bored and unsatisfied with his current life while observing the horizon full of new opportunities. As we can perceive, the artist in the card is already out of his house, on the balcony.

To embrace this new journey, he does need to leave his comfort zone and embrace the risks of a new adventure. The fact that he is on the balcony signals that he already left his cocoon and is ready to move forward into a new journey or a new project.

As he looks far into the horizon, he examines layers of obstacles, such as the deep sea that stands between himself and the distant pagoda, an Asian tower that usually stores sacred writings and relics. Here it represents his goals, sacred to himself. In this case, that distant tower works as an inspiration. The motivation to reach it someday is the fire that makes him work hard in order to get closer to it.

His far-sight posture denotes a phase of planning. He is developing the best strategy and choosing the best way (not the shortest) to reach his goals. That means that this card, having the number 2, is also a card of choices. You may not be happy with your current life and need to explore new territories.

The canvas at his right side is blank and represents a brand-new start and infinite possibilities. We just need to channel our inner fire, our creative energy and paint it freely and honestly.

As a conclusion, the Two of Wands says that the beginnings might seem difficult, but it gives you the courage to strive and go for it. 


Lack of Planning, Fear of Change, Avoiding Risk.

Generally, the Two of Wands reversed indicates a period of indecision and fear of change.

The lack of planning or direction may lead you into a sphere of deception. You have been working inefficiently and taking shortcuts, so you are probably guiding the energy and efforts in the wrong direction.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

You need to have a deeper look inwards and focus on your long-term goals so you can highlight what is the most important for you. That way you can redirect your fire to these goals and restart. This is also a phase that implies patience and confidence to restructure your way of thinking and acting.