Page of Coins

Element: EARTH / EARTH

Upright: Ambition, Manifestation, Opportunities
Reversed: No Development, Procrastination, Goalless

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Ambition, Manifestation, Opportunities.

The Page, as he appears in this card, seems to offer us the huge golden coin from his hands. The rich and blooming garden that surrounds the young man suggests that the message he brings may have a beneficial influence in this current moment.
That golden coin is commonly related to materialistic gains, money, and business opportunities. The same way, it may reveal a sign of hope and positive development in your health or education.

The Page may come to you as a reward of your hard work or as the soft touch of inspiration that allows you to move forward in your project’s development.
The character himself represents a student, someone who has a strong will for learning and for discovering new things. As an Earth influenced card, it also symbolises someone pragmatic, who gradually applies his studies in more practical projects, pretty much like an artist. For that reason, we see this Page as a very creative and artistic person with a halo of the sun like Apollo, emanating inspiring energy for the environment, making thousands of flowers sprout. 

His clothes, green and brown, connect him directly to Nature, giving a sense of harmony between figure and background. The solar halo behind his head seems to fertilise the Nature of his body, speaking about the knowledge and inspiration that motivates the action. In his hands, the coin with the golden grape is fed by the symbolic solar energy that runs across the Page’s body. That same coin is an unquestionable symbol of his ambition that directs his studies and projects towards his goals – held firmly by his two hands, it may suggest that sometimes he can be too pragmatic in materialistic affairs.

Some interpretations refer to him as someone born in a wealthy family or someone who enjoys the materialistic pleasures of life. Either way, he is definitely a person with good taste, dressing well and cherishing his body, appreciating art and enjoying good music.
He may easily attract people, fascinated by his charismatic aura.


No Development, Procrastination, Goalless. 

Unlike the upright Page, the news (in materialistic fields) are not as good as we expected or there is no visible development, making you a little more anxious.
The card upside-down has no flowers on the ground, so maybe your energy is directed toward a wrong place, or you’ve been procrastinating for too long – you are probably feeling confused about what you really want for the future.
It is demanding to rediscover your goals and replan your projects or methods, so you do not waste your precious energy in futile tasks. Just give yourself a little time away from your current activity to get back your focus.

In reverse, the Page seems to look for potential. You may need to invest your time doing some research and investigation, developing your will for knowledge (inspiration), typical from the Page of Coins. Consequently, you must know how to put all that knowledge into action as a tool to unlock that restrained light.

Alternatively, you may have a good idea for a new project, but you are not ready just yet. The lack of resources has a major impact on the development of that project, so you may need to be patient regarding that idea. Do not give up on that if you really think it’s a good step in your career or personal life; just give it time for now.

In terms of a real person, we may see someone lazy or irresponsible who is goalless and purposeless, possibly too stuck to earthly attributes, preferring to enjoy life and materialistic pleasures instead of planning life ahead.
Many people who live “the now”, with no solid goals, live it with a persistent sense of frustration. If you feel that way, the Page in reverse advises you to change your attitude and have a new start. He gives you his golden coin, so you must find a way to use it properly.