Ten of Coins

Element: EARTH

Upright: Financial Stability, Legacy, Long-term Success
Reversed: Instability, Familiar Disputes, Financial Loss

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Financial Stability, Legacy, Long-term Success.

The Ten of Coins has as its main character an elder and wealthy patriarch, who gathered enough riches to have a comfortable life. His hard work provided an established and good life, financial security and comfort to his family.
For that reason, the card has a strong affiliation with domestic life.

The elder man shares his abundant wealth with his family and beloved ones. It may indicate the transfer of his legacy to someone close to him, in order to lead the family’s business and prosperity to the next generations.

The Ten of Coins is a sign of accomplishment, a successful career, and fruitful investments. This material abundance allows you to create a stable home and to enjoy domestic happiness with your family.
An important aspect of this card is the possibility to build the foundations of a secure environment for the future. Life could be tricky and unpredictable especially in material realms.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a safe amount of money or resources, which are easier to manage at this moment. For that reason, you probably need to focus more on the long-term benefits than on instant gains – think about the future rather than the present.

This is also a card of family union and support. There is harmony and assistance from your family but there is also responsibility. In this context, the family members will help each other, creating a bigger, solid structure, preventing anyone from falling. The connected circles in the background perfectly represent that sense of familiar union. 


Instability, Familiar Disputes, Financial Loss.

Unlike the upright version, the reverse card indicates instability and insecurity in your life.
It suggests familiar burdens and implications that may not strengthen domestic ties. It may be common to get involved in familiar disputes, especially related to money or inheritance.
Some unexpected events may also have a significant impact in your familiar harmony, threatening the unifying strings that approach all members.
It is not unusual to see family detachments and to break up traditions when the reversed Ten of Coins appears.

Some other interpretations speak about debt, both personal or inherited. Here, the familiar legacy actually continues but it has a negative projection on you and your finances.

Alternatively, you may experience some situations that put at risk your wealth and security. You may need to use your savings for an unexpected and urgent matter that will affect your financial balance. 
It can also suggest that you are investing much of your resources and energy in short-term gains, instead of looking to the future possibilities.
You may be overspending your possessions carelessly as if you have unlimited wealth. That may lead you to significant financial loss.
Be sure to focus on long-term investments as well, to avoid fewer positive surprises that may arise.