Nine of Coins

Element: EARTH

Upright: Independency, Material Accomplishment, Loneliness
Reversed: False Display of Wealth, Dependency

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Independency, Material Accomplishment, Loneliness. 

The Nine of Coins portrays a sophisticated woman, elegantly dressed in golden and red, reflecting her status. Her attire reminds us of the bright golden tones and geometric patterns of some paintings by Gustav Klimt, in which we got inspired to make this card. She walks alone in her blooming garden, richly filled by different kinds of flowers and plants.

This is a card of well-being and comfort, revealing the fruits of your labour and a steady foundation of your material wealth. Your hard work, discipline and confidence was rewarded, as you found the success and financial independence you were looking for. 
The lady’s relaxed pose suggests that the moment is for enjoyment and resting, to appreciate the pleasures of life.

On the other hand, the beautiful woman seems to be a solitary person. She looks intelligent, cultured and self-reliant, but there is a slight tone of sadness and loneliness in her face. 
She may have had to give up on some things or relationships in her life, in order to pursue her personal goals. The enjoyment of her material achievements has an inherent sour pinch.
Her luxurious lifestyle is somehow a way to mask her social or romantic life. It gives us the impression that something is missing in the scene itself, maybe someone to share life’s good moments.

Along the card, we can see three different animals in three different levels:
A sparrow, in the same line of the lady’s head, attracts her total attention. The bird represents intellect, imagination and independence. Her focus on it reveals the nature of her major goals, but it moves her away from her emotional life. 
A little lower, her hands (symbol of action and practical way to solve problems) hold a snake, which is reminiscent of the goddess Hygeia. She seems to control the reptile with no difficulties, therefore she is a self-confident woman who adapted successfully to new environments, contrary to the Two of Coins, in which the snakes disturb the character’s balance. 
At her feet, a cat stays still and quiet, a symbol of self-control and calmness. Being on the ground, it represents material accomplishment and a moment of rest.


False Display of Wealth, Dependency. 

In reverse, this lady is not as independent as in the upright version. She may depend on someone else to have her luxurious life and is not totally free – possibly like a bird in a cage.
This is probably related to many financial strikes that disturbed her life’s stability. 
There is perhaps a need to keep a false display of wealth and luxury and the desire to keep the appearances; or you are maybe spending too much beyond your possibilities to look like you own more than you actually do. That reflects emotional unbalancing and lack of self-confidence. 

From another point of view, you may need to figure out what is most important in your life. You are realising that there is much more beyond material security and it can be healthy to cultivate more of your social life and to fulfil your emotional side, which was despised for too long. 

Share your good moments with other people and let them be part of your life. Enjoying happy moments with others is what gives a new meaningful taste to our lives.