Six of Coins

Element: EARTH

Upright: Generosity, Assistance, Giving/Receiving
Reversed: Taking care of Yourself, Taking Advantage of Your Generosity, Power Abuse

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Generosity, Assistance, Giving/Receiving. 

The Six of Coins is generally described as a card of generosity, in which sharing with others has a great significance.

On the right side, a noble/cleric man dressed in red appears to be sharing his wealth with a crippled man, unable to walk. The scene gives us a sense of balance where two extreme sides find a middle point right on the big coin that unites them. Note that the nobleman comes from above, amongst the high trees while the beggar is sitting on the verge of the abyss. 

Unlike the previous card, Winter is gone already, and the springtime brings the inspiration and necessary energy to rise again. 

The beggar symbolises not a person but a situation in which we feel unable to stand up and walk, dressed in rags and unprepared to face the world. He receives help from an outside force, a wealthy man dressed in red, red like the motivational energy that feeds our ambition.
If we identify ourselves with the man on the ground, then we must accept the opportunities given to us, being open to new ideas and chances. There is no problem to receive a helping hand, we all need it at some point. Be free to receive what you can handle, do not be greedy. 
The coins on the ground alert us to use the gifts that were given by life to make something constructive, instead of keeping ourselves dependent and waiting for more.
Remember that the standing man symbolically gives the tools to allow the beggar to walk again and build his own projects.

If we see ourselves as the benefactor, it means that we are supporting someone and we are being generous to other people, financially, emotionally, etc. 
As we give, we need to be sure that we are giving something to contribute to others’ development and not to make them dependent. Do not let people take advantage of you and of your generosity and make sure you are sharing without compromising your own stability.
The same way, if you decide to help someone, do not be arrogant and expect to have power over them. Some people give and share with second intentions as a way to control others, do not be one of those.

In this context, the donkey on the right side teaches us to be humble and hardworking so that we are worthy of our rewards.

If you look carefully at the card, we are not sure who the real benefactor is. Is the nobleman giving the coin to the beggar or is he collecting it from him? Some interpretations indicate that it may be someone taking something away from us, someone that is not really in need.


Taking care of Yourself, Taking Advantage of Your Generosity, Power Abuse.

The reversed Six of Coins says that you also need to be more generous to yourself. 
You probably spent a lot of time helping others, supporting them in their projects. Right now, you must look to your own needs and desires, dedicating time to yourself, enjoying a little more. If you are too worried about people’s needs and do not focus on your own, you will not have the time and energy to enjoy your life.
There is a time to share and assist others and there is a time to take care of ourselves. No one can be helpful if they are not feeling at their best.

Alternatively, this card may suggest that an abuse of generosity is happening, and someone/something is taking advantage of your kindness.
The same way, the Six of Coins reversed says that there is an abuse of power from someone who is helping or supporting us. As we said before, some people use charity to control others and to use their weaknesses to get what they want. Be careful and do not let anyone take advantage of your situation.