Seven of Coins

Element: EARTH

Upright: Reward, Progress, Long-term View
Reversed: Lack of Growth, Impatience, Procrastination

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation



Reward, Progress, Long-term View.

The Seven of Coins is a card about hard work and reward.

Your dedication and perseverance produced a visible development of your projects. 

As in agriculture, the fruits reach a point of growth by themselves and you can finally find some rest in your physical and mental labour. It is common to say that the achievements this card depicts transcend the material realm; this is a meaningful work where the person grows too, in different ways.

In the Waite-Smith deck, the Seven of Coins represents a man happily watching the spreading plant at his feet. In this deck, however, the agriculturist never stops working – this may be a message to slow down and know when you should stop. You are probably workaholic and you already have the return of your investments, so it is time to enjoy the favourable results of your labour and recharge your energy levels.

From another perspective, you may see the agriculturist still working the land because the crop is not ready to harvest just yet. These need a lot of work, but the fact that some sprouts are visible gives us the motivation to keep going.

Be sure that you are not picking up these fruits too soon because they may not taste as sweet as they should be. One thing that agriculture teaches us is to be patient and know how to wait for the right moment.

The Seven of Coins is also a card for the long-term view. As we cultivate any vegetable or fruit, it is important to think about next year’s production, managing and planning it a long time before. In business the same formula is applied.

The alternative version of the Seven of Coins shows us a man lying on the beach, just like a falling titan, consumed by the surrounding nature. From his belly, a tree grows lushly as it feeds on the man.

This is a card that portrays someone who works beyond the limit. Giving too much of yourself to a project will make that project feed on you and leave you in constant stress, tension and anxiety.

The dedication you put on this takes over your energy until you feel completely drained and exposed. Your job is your life and you do not seem to know how to separate them.

While in the other version, the farmer cultivates a plant outside that grows freely in a favourable atmosphere, in this alternative version, the set is dark and gloomy. The tree will give the same rewards, but it takes much more from yourself.

Be sure that you are able to separate your job from your life and manage the time you spend in both so you can find some balance. Someone who works too much is, many times, someone who avoids living their own life, as if there was a refusal to be with oneself in silence or contemplation. If that is your case, remember that your energy is limited and sooner or later you will have to confront whatever disturbs you.


Lack of Growth, Impatience, Procrastination.

In the upright version there is a visible reward for your hard work. In reverse, the Seven of Coins indicates that the fruits of your labour are not as great as you imagined, so you may feel disappointed or frustrated.

You are probably investing a lot of time and dedication to a project that is not worth it. You may need to rethink your choices and options, so you do not focus your investments into a fruitless project. 

You may also expect fast results of your investments and work. You will need to be more patient and know how to wait for the right time to collect your fruits.

While the upright version focuses on excessive work engagement, in reverse you are giving too much of yourself, and spending too much energy; so, it is demanding to have a break and look at your work from a different perspective. Being stuck on something for a very long time may interfere with your sense of direction, in worse cases you will be working on useless tasks.

Often it is best to work smarter rather than harder.

From another view, this may signal a lack of effort or procrastination. Your motivation is down, and the result is a very slow development of your projects or a stagnant career. You probably need to re-evaluate your work methodology, or even your goals.