Five of Coins

Element: EARTH

Upright: Financial Hardship, Adversity, Illness, Isolation
Reversed: Overcoming Financial Losses, Health Improvement, Reconnection

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Financial Hardship, Adversity, Illness, Isolation. 

The number Five rules this card, symbolising an obstacle or difficulty of some kind. In the suit of Coins, the issues are directly related to the material/physical aspects of our lives, such as financial hardship, lack of resources or even illness.
This card signifies adversity and represents a time in which you will need to adapt yourself to new circumstances.

The two poor people on the card face a winter storm poorly prepared, barefoot, wrapped in rags and injured. Such portrays a situation that affected us unexpectedly that has a serious impact in our business or health.
They seem to be homeless people, which possibly reflects a vulnerability and frailty you might feel, with no safe place or home to rest, making you lost and without a purpose.
The older man walks with a child by his side, who holds a fleshless bone in his hand as a symbol of hunger. That image reminds us that sometimes poor choices and decisions may afflict people close to us, especially family or business partners. Being together in harsh times gives us the hope to keep struggling though the fight is even more challenging.

The church at their side can have different meanings according to different interpretations. 
The two figures are passing by this church and seem to ignore it. Are they too stubborn to accept the help and go inside for shelter, or is this a battle they must fight on their own? Every so often, we feel that no external forces can help us during our journey, no friends, no family, no institution. We see ourselves alone and completely helpless.

The Church, from a Christian perspective, is a symbol of shelter, protecting us from outside threats. The characters are so focused on their precarious condition that they do not notice the warm calling that emanates from the sacred place. They are so alienated or unaware that they do not notice the big coin over their heads, a coin that may represent opportunities, right by our side.

On a totally different point of view, the Church as an institution represents the religious and political powers congregated. The four coins on the building suggest that the institution has grown at people’s expenses and the severe implications of this may lead many people to poverty. For that reason, the characters choose to follow a different way, looking for a better life, leaving the dark and stormy atmosphere. 
The Church from this negative side may also indicate that someone or something is taking advantage of you (or trying to).

Despite the strong negative attributes of the card, remember that Winter is only temporary, and Spring will come sooner or later. Spring unveils a time to get rid of your dying body and renew your energies. It is directly connected to certain situations in our lives, where our past and bitter memories must be transformed into a fertiliser to a new and improved Self. So be brave and endure for a little more. 


Overcoming Financial Losses, Health Improvement, Reconnection.

The Five of Coins in reverse is an indicator that positive changes are coming your way.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel, so your struggle will receive compensation. The hardest times are passing but everything is changing smoothly; do not expect a drastic turn overnight. 

The end of this financial loss period may have something to do with external factors. The homeless man may note the big coin by his side as a symbol of help or an opportunity that opens new possibilities. 

You have been isolated for a while, so it is a good time to get back and reconnect to the world. Being so far from society and focused on your own misery might have made you lose great opportunities. 

Enjoy the favourable circumstances to heal yourself and recharge your energies so you can put your life on track again.