Four of Coins

Element: EARTH

Upright: Miser, Possessiveness, Greed
Reversed: Being Generous, Overspending

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Miser, Possessiveness, Greed.

The main character in the Four of Coins represents the mythological figure of King Midas. 
According to Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Midas, after returning the missing old satyr Silenus to Dionysus, was rewarded with whatever he wished for his kindness. The king’s desire was that whatever he touched, changed into gold. That is where the expression Midas touch came from. 
With his new power, he transformed everything into gold, even his daughter. 
The Midas touch symbolises avarice and the uncontrolled desire to have more and more in terms of materialistic wealth. It also reflects the consequences of this attitude, which easily turns into selfishness.

The king’s donkey ears are related to a different story of the miser sovereign, but we decided to make them, so that the character can be identified with no doubts. 

By portraying the myth of Midas, we emphasise the idea of a possessive behaviour that defines the card. 
You are probably too focused and obsessed in collecting money and wealth that you forgot to enjoy life. It reflects an unbalanced moment, where materialistic abundance overcomes by far the other aspects of life.

It would be good for you to enjoy life a little more, instead of accumulating more wealth, and being afraid of spending it. If you become too attached to material possessions, this may lead you to conflicts and to push away the people closer to you.

Note that the King is alone in a dangerous place; he has all the richness he wants but there is no happiness surrounding him. Everything looks gloomy and thorny plants fill every space of the landscape. The fallen cup on the floor resembles the Five of Cups and its depressive tone, advising us to be more open to other people and stop being so self-absorbed.

The position of the coins in the card denotes disharmony. They seem to be glued to the King’s hands and feet, preventing him from walking away or to act. Similarly, the bigger coin over his head looks heavy and pushes his head down, limiting and conditioning his thoughts. 

Some interpretations define this card as a warning; the number four of the card suggests structure and stability, but it is quite important to know how to manage your savings. Avoid being too greedy or selfish and use your gains wisely and in a balanced way. 


Being Generous, Overspending.

Contrary to the upright position, you are managing your finances well and have a good balance between enjoyment and saving. 
The card in reverse may say that you are now seeing that money is not everything. You feel more generous and able to help others; just do not let them take advantage of you. 

Be also very careful not to overspend. It is important to live your life happily and freely, just do not do it unconsciously.
Try to find that equilibrium rationally and make sure you have a plan for your future investments.