Ace of Coins

Element: EARTH

Upright: Abundance, Prosperity, New Opportunities
Reversed: Missing Opportunities, Instability, Substandard Gains

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Abundance, Prosperity, New Opportunities. 

The Ace of Coins is a very positive card in a spread, representing wealth and material success in your enterprises.

The verdant and rich atmosphere that surrounds the card is a great sign of abundance and prosperity that allows you to enjoy a comfortable life.

The coin in the centre has the engraving of Caput Medusae, symbol of victory over adversity. In some cases, the Medusa represents the feminine power, esoterically related to the element Earth that governs the suit of coins.

Unlike the other Aces, this one is directly linked to the Earth and its physical characteristics. The main element, a huge coin at the centre, is directly connected to Nature, growing among the trees and flowers, being held by a strong wooden Atlas. This figure elevates the golden coin, representing the ultimate prize of our hard work and persistent efforts.

This is the best time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, well visible in every detail of the card. Nature seems to take over the old cemetery graves on the lower side, again as a symbol of conquest over the harsh times and the beginning of a new phase, or a new exciting opportunity that manifests in your life.

The card also indicates that you are on the right path to achieve your goals and possess all the resources to succeed. Manage them wisely and you will see your efforts going in the right direction.


Missing Opportunities, Instability, Substandard Gains. 

Reversed, the strong wooden figure seems to drop the coin, instead of holding it. That means that you are probably missing important opportunities or are letting them go away. Your hesitation and fear of taking risks can make you lose a decisive chance to step up.

On the other hand, you mustn’t be impulsive and grab the first opportunities. Before you move forward, study the pros and cons well because the Ace of Coins in reverse does not give you the confidence to dive into a new project without financial risks. 

Unlike the upright version, this card is not a positive sign and it may reflect some financial struggles or losses. You may experience some instability and the lack of resources, which can make you rethink your choices and your paths.

It might imply, too, that poor planning lead your projects to undesirable ways. Overspending or greedy behaviour can contribute to that situation.

Sometimes, the reversed Ace of Coins brings some rewards too, though you mustn’t expect abundant or immediate gains, but delays or extra work to get your compensation.