Two of Coins

Element: EARTH

Upright: Multiple Tasks, Time Management, Ups and Downs
Reversed: Feeling Overwhelmed, Stress, Lack of Organisation

Symbology, Meaning and Interpretation


Multiple Tasks, Time Management, Ups and Downs.

The Two of Coins is generally a card about multitasking: assembling different tasks and projects at the same time. Just like a juggler that throws and plays with many balls in the air.

The main character on this card resembles an antique scale, trying to counterbalance the coins in his hands. But if you take a closer look, he is struggling to reach balance. It is not an easy task for him to deal with everything plus the external environment is not helping for sure.

Instead of the traditional infinity symbol from the Waite-Smith deck, we created a huge serpent coiling the man. Its curvy shape resembles the dynamic lines of the original infinity symbol, but it assumes a different meaning here. 

The reptile, as a warning, represents the external and unexpected factors that contribute to an unsuccessful outcome.

It is important to be aware that we have no control over the outside world, so choose carefully if you are in place to undertake responsibilities. Your duties may become a heavy burden and lead you to exhaustion, even to failure. Or you may simply not be able to accomplish any of your ambitions.

In the background, the raging waves of the sea bring the boats up and down, which symbolically represent the present moment and the great efforts to stabilise your own agitated waters. The stress and pressure afflicting your physical body and emotional side are reflected in this storm and turmoil.

Even the character’s outfit reaches for balance, having the green sleeve on his left hand matching the right boot, as well as the red sleeve and the red boot on the contrary side. 

Green and Red are contrary colours, just like White and Black. We see here, again, the figure trying to handle two extremely and contrary heavy features in his life.

Maybe we need to choose; we cannot do everything. If we want different things that are not compatible, we eventually lose all of them. As the saying goes “he who wants everything will lose everything”.

Some interpretations mention the man’s hat as a symbol of his ambition. If we assume that idea, we may infer that this ambition, if unmeasured and uncontrolled, might be troublesome, leading you to grab too many projects that could be overwhelming and beyond your capacity. Think it through and know what you can handle; it is preferable to do a great job on a single project than have a mediocre result in three of them.

The dark sphere at his feet is one of the main elements of the Roman goddess Fortuna. It is common to see this deity standing over the ball, trying hard not to fall, which represents inconstancy. If you have this card on a spread, you may see yourself standing over that same sphere. Your ability, experience and balancing skills will define the upcoming events.

On the bright side, this card unveils many possibilities and ideas, but it is essential to learn how to prioritise tasks and manage your time. Try to create an agenda and define realistic timings, which could help you have more chances to succeed.


Feeling Overwhelmed, Stress, Lack of Organisation.

The negative warnings we saw in the upright meaning become real here.

You grabbed everything you could, so you are overcommitted. It is almost impossible to deal with too many tasks, ideas, thoughts, plans. Like the agitated sea, you are having a very real and serious problem as the pressure rises.
You are losing your focus, and feel swamped, so you are doing a sloppy job and rushing your work. It is urgent to manage timings, tasks, and deadlines, so you may need to abandon some of the projects.

Take a break and re-evaluate. Re-consider your frame of mind and methodology.This may help you recover your energy and feel more focused to reorganise everything you need to do, both in professional and personal life.