Ten of Vessels

Element: AETHER

Upright: Communication, Reintegrate with Others, New Self
Reversed: Selfish, Pretentious


The Ten of Vessels is a card with a peaceful atmosphere of joy and tranquillity.
In a beautiful verdant garden, three musicians seem to play a harmonious melody that invites us to relax, at last.

As a major symbol, the peacock exposes himself with his sublime iridescence of colour.

In alchemy, this creature represents the climax of the alchemical work. The tail combines all chromatic ranges that exist in prima materia into a universal substance, known as pure light.

The peacock was generally described as a symbol of immortality based on the ancient belief that states that peacock flesh does not decay and is incorruptible.

In Greek mythology, the eyes of giant Argus – the one who “sees everything” – were placed in the peacock’s tail. This mythological association has a great significance in the meaning of this card, revealing the attributes of wisdom and full awareness.

There is a sense of communication, for the music players interact between them, in a concordant way. Symbolically, the instruments denote the understanding of the universal harmony that unites different levels of reality. Music establishes the order of the cosmos and humanity, accomplishing perfection.

The musicians exalt the symbolic agreement of our three essential elements, Body, Mind and Spirit. Pythagoras defined music as a purifier of souls, keeping away the irrational influences. 

The nine vessels at the top defined the number of the wholeness of man. It represents the cycles of beginnings and endings, connecting the 3 world’s spheres (9).
The other vessel, alone, finds the individuation of the human being (1).
Having the number ten, we can also say that this card corresponds to the end of a cycle and completion.

Upright Meaning and Interpretation

Communication, Reintegrate with Others, New Self.

Communication and integration in the social world is the last challenge of self-renewal and it gives you the ultimate certainty of a successful enlightenment.

Contrary to many religious concepts, a spiritual balance may improve our earthly lives and vice-versa. The Spirit/Body duet (or trio if we include the Mind) creates the most beautiful symphony. Like the figures in the card, you must strengthen not only your relationship with the musical instrument (personal expression), but also your relationship with others, developing a sense of collective evolution.

The Ten of Vessels represents a good time to help and to be with others; note that the journey is still not completed because in our spirituality we are always evolving. But at this moment you are more than capable of guiding others in the right way. Just make sure you protect yourself from anyone with bad intentions.

Here your mind continues to grow, and you are receptive to the world to discover more. You probably feel like you embody a new self, because the spiritual forces (from above) were harmoniously merged with the matter (from below).

Reversed Meaning and Interpretation

Selfish, Pretentious.

In reverse, the Ten of Vessels represents the dark side of the peacock, and his prideful attributes.

Pride is considered one of the major corruptive sins, since it fosters arrogance and selfishness by placing one’s desires and urges before others.

The inverted peacock exhibits an excessive admiration of self, a belief that one is superior and more important than others. This obsession might chain you down, diverting you especially from your spiritual journey.

This card is generally a reminder to be humble and honest, without obscure and manipulative intentions.

Carefully choose the time and place to show the feathers of your peacock tail.