Knight of Vessels

Element: AETHER / AIR

Upright: Peacemaker, Communicative, Supportive
Reversed: Provocative, Overintelelctualized, Indecisiveness


In the suit of Vessels, the Knight brings a passionate message from the White Queen to the Red King. For that reason, he is exceptionally placed between them.

Being associated with the element Air, he represents the alchemical stage Citrinitas that marks a middle point between the Albedo and the Rubedo.

Unlike most recent alchemical references to Citrinitas (which is many times omitted from the Magnum Opus), we opted to use Air as an essentially mental attribute, instead of Fire.

The Air has the ability to transform because it is an active element, so it enables the connection between the Queen and King. Just like in our personal growth, balance is needed in our inner elements; harmony is the key. Also, the element Air has a common quality to Fire, warmth –  Hot. This indicates that the atmosphere is getting warmer, just like the passage from Spring to Summer. 

Our spiritual development is slow and sometimes painful. Merging two major features such as the symbolic King and Queen needs to be conscient and well prepared to avoid setbacks.

In the card, the Knight appears as a peacemaker, providing the essential pieces for the alchemical marriage to happen and the balance to be restored.

Dressed in a white armour, he rides a red horse as a reference to both White Queen and Red King. The flask he holds can be understood as the message that will bring shining inspiration.

As a keeper of our mental faculties, the Knight represents active communication, which is the most effective way to connect people and bring them together. So it happens in this card, approaching our poles to a harmonious unification. 

The seven children playing around the Knight are related to the initial seven planets in chaotic order. In this card, while they play games and interact with each other, they develop a sense of personal evolution. Their synergy allows them to grow together in harmony and balance, learning to cooperate, creating the cosmos. The symbolism of fertility and rejuvenation linked to children, as well as to the ample green forest, serve, once more, as an invitation to a peaceful conjunction of the King and Queen.

The Knight of Vessels appears as a representation of someone inspiring and inspired in the process of Citrinitas, it can be even you. 

Upright Meaning and Interpretation

Peacemaker, Communicative, Supportive. 

Figuratively, the Knight of Vessels embodies an inspirational message that incite us to move forward. This new optimistic message gives us a direction to go so you mustn’t ignore it. 

We can say that the Knight of Vessels has good skills in communication, seeking mental stimulation by interacting and helping others.

In his thirst for knowledge, he tries to learn as much as possible to favour future decisions and outrun eventual obstacles. His confidence and knowledge are especially directed to solve conflicts, personal or external. 

He has the gift of diplomacy and conflict resolution, on how to approach things in life, constantly looking for balance as a peacemaker.

The Knight’s association to Air and mental abilities reveal a great interest in arts. He is not expressive himself but he enjoys supporting creative people. He has a great knowledge regarding the spiritual realm. This Knight can also depict someone who gives you information or guides you to the right track to connect with your higher self. 

Reversed Meaning and Interpretation

Provocative, Overintelelctualized, Indecisiveness.

In reverse, the Knight of Vessels is provocation instead of balance.

His mental abilities are often stuck in the intellectual sphere, having difficulties to manifest in the physical world and the spiritual realm.

This Knight can easily help other lives but when it comes to his own, he tends to be indecisive, or imitate the paths of others. He procrastinates as much as he can in his journey, making him look like a lazy person.