The Fool

The FoolessAlternative Card

Number: 0 | Element: AIR | Planet: URANUS

Upright: Free Spirit, new beginnings, spontaneity
Reversed: Recklessness, risk-taking

The Magician

The AlchemistAlternative Card

Number: 1 | Element: AIR & EARTH | Planet: MERCURY

Upright: Manifestation, Inspiration, Skills
Reversed: Greed, Manipulation, Untapped talents

The High Priestess

Number: 2 | Element: WATER | Planet: MOON

Upright: Intuition, Spirituality, Faith, Subconscious mind
Reversed: Gossip, Secrets, Anxiety

The Empress

Number: 3 | Element: EARTH | Planet: VENUS

Upright: Sensuality, Creativity, Abundance
Reversed: Insecurity, Carelessness, Lack of Inspiration

The Emperor

Number: 4 | Element: FIRE | Planet: MARS | Zodiac: ARIES

Upright: Structure, Methodology, Leadership
Reversed: Lack of Discipline, Domination, Obstinacy, Low Concentration

The Pope

Number: 5 | Element: EARTH | Planet: VENUS | Zodiac: TAURUS

Upright: Traditional Values, Reverence, Conformity, Obedience
Reversed: Challenging tradition, Personal beliefs, Non-conformity

The Lovers

Number: 6 | Element: AIR | Planet: MERCURY | Zodiac: GEMINI

Upright: Choices, Harmony, Union
Reversed: Egotism, Detachment, Bad Choices

The Chariot

Number: 7 | Element: WATER | Planet: MOON | Zodiac: CANCER

Upright: Success, Determination, Willpower, Control
Reversed: Lack of Direction, Aggression, Powerlessness


Number: 8 | Element: AIR | Planet: VENUS | Zodiac: LIBRA

Upright: Cause/Effect, Truth, Fairness
Reversed: Unfairness, Dishonesty, Consequence

The Hermit

Number: 9 | Element: EARTH | Planet: MERCURY | Zodiac: VIRGO

Upright: Introspection, Self-reflection, Inner-guidance
Reversed: Loneliness, Detachment, Anti-social

The Wheel of Fortune

Number: 10 | Element: FIRE | Planet: Jupiter

Upright: Turning point, Good Luck, Karma
Reversed: Bad Luck, Upheaval, Unwelcome Changes


StrengthAlternative Card

Number: 11 | Element: FIRE | Zodiac: LEO

Upright: Inner Strength, Control, Courage
Reversed: Self-Doubt, Uncontrolled Emotions, Weakness

The Hanged Man

PrudenceAlternative Card

Number: 12 | Element: WATER | Planet: NEPTUNE

Upright: New Perspective, Pause, Sacrifice
Reversed: Impulsiveness, Negative Patterns, Stagnation


RebirthAlternative Card
Misery Collector Alternative Card

Number: 13 | Element: WATER | Planet: MARS & PLUTO | Zodiac: SCORPIO

Upright: Major Change, Renewal, Transition
Reversed: Resistance to Change, Attachment to the Past, Stagnation


Number: 14 | Element: FIRE | Planet: JUPITER | Zodiac: SAGITTARIUS

Upright: Moderation, Patience, Harmony
Reversed: Excess, Instability, Self-indulgence

The Devil

The TemptationAlternative Card

Number: 15 | Element: EARTH | Planet: SATURN | Zodiac: CAPRICORN

Upright: Bondage, Addiction, Materialism, Lack of Control
Reversed: Detachment, Freedom, Reclaiming Control

The Tower

Number: 16 | Element: FIRE | Planet: MARS

Upright: Crisis, Failure, Revelation
Reversed: Resisting Change, Delaying the Inevitable, Rupture

The Star

Number: 17 | Element: AIR | Planet: SATURN & URANUS | Zodiac: AQUARIUS

Upright: Renewal, Hope, Inspiration
Reversed: Lack of Motivation, Hopelessness, Disconnection

The Moon

Number: 18 | Element: WATER | Planet: JUPITER & NEPTUNE | Zodiac: PISCES

Upright: Illusion, Subconscious, Intuition
Reversed: Unveiling Secrets, Release of Fear, Confusion

The Sun

Number: 19 | Element: FIRE | Planet: SUN

Upright: Optimism, Joy, Success, Freedom
Reversed: Blocked Happiness, Pessimism, Unrealistic Expectations, Overly Optimistic

The Judgement

Number: 20 | Element: FIRE & WATER | Planet: PLUTO

Upright: Inner Calling, Awakening, Liberation
Reversed: Self-doubt, Ignoring the Call, Inability to Learn Karmic Lessons

The Universe

Number 21 | Element: EARTH | Planet: SATURN

Upright: Wholeness, Achievement, Success
Reversed: Delays, Disappointment, Stagnation

Ace of Coins

Element: EARTH

Upright: Abundance, Prosperity, New Opportunities
Reversed: Missing Opportunities, Instability, Substandard Gains

Two of Coins

Element: EARTH

Upright: Multiple Tasks, Time Management, Ups and Downs
Reversed: Feeling Overwhelmed, Stress, Lack of Organisation