Two of Vessels

Element: AETHER

Upright: Inner Journey, Inner Balance, Cleansing
Reversed: Avoiding the Journey, Not Prepared, Fear of the Unknown


The Knight of the Double Fountain, as described in Splendor Solis, marks the starting point of the inner quest. We start, here, an important solo journey.
The warrior is portrayed with an armour made of gold and silver parts, which represents the spiritual and mental crusade, as he searches for the balance between the two of them.

This full-armoured Knight depicts the phase of preparation. He embodies the Prima Materia, the raw material that defines an initial state, the beginning and the potential yet to be explored: we are witnessing the opening of the great alchemical (and spiritual) opera.

Psychologically speaking, this character is starting to recognise the need for a thoroughgoing process of change.
At the top of the figure’s head, seven obscure planets hover in a disorganised sequence. They represent the chaos that preceded the creation of the universe.
Similarly, the dark waters at the bottom are also linked to this chaos, or the primordial state of matter that is stagnated, motionless.

Influenced by the Knight’s sword, that “watery chaos” is slowly and gradually turning into the cosmos. These muddy waters turn progressively into goldish waters, suggesting the (needed) process of self-purification.

The lighter waters appear in alchemy as a symbolic “urine”, an element with great significance as it embodies the idea of purification, that is, the filtering of imperfections and any uncleanness in our spirit and mind. This substance is poured into the Earth as a fertiliser.

The psychological meaning of this double fountain unfolds a cleansing occurring in a lower, deeper level. We can say that the dark waters are the subconscious mind, which are cleaned and turned into emotional expressions that flood to the physical world.

The Knight is clearly the Mercury – the Mind –, and the bridge between the two waters, for it connects the conscious and the subconscious. Having both feet inside the fountains shows the direct link and influence on them, unifying both rational and emotional minds.

This way, we understand that he is the one who refines the waters, using his sword as the energetic principle (alchemical fire): a purifier agent that excites the darkest water into a dynamic progression. This fire is related to the active principles of the Red King, coming from the right side.

The gloveless hand suggests an honest approach: his actions are authentic and signify the need of a deep renewal.

The shield is not held in a defensive position, indicating the receptive properties of the White Queen that come from the left. She embodies the principles of Water and Earth, related to our emotional and physical components.

The red clothing around his waist indicates that he must act now, decisively and confidently. The armour’s metal wings express the duality between the volatile and fixed characteristics of this card.

In his chest, the four colours of the alchemical Magnum Opus are visible: Black (Nigredo), White (Albedo), Yellow (Citrinitas) and Red (Rubedo) – the processes we all need to endure. 

Upright Meaning and Interpretation

Inner Journey, Inner Balance, Cleansing.

If you find yourself here, you probably suffered a great impact caused by external factors. An unexpected event changed your routine, demanding the need for an adjustment in your path.

The Two of Vessels is about awareness and the need of cleansing. 
Like this Knight with both feet in the waters, you find yourself as if you were a bridge, figuring out what you need to purify and find balance. Possibly your thoughts confuse you, such is the chaos in your mind (resembling the stars in the Knight’s Helmet).

This is the moment to ask yourself: What is impure to you? What affects your personal intuition? What needs to be cleansed?

If you are receptive to this call, to this journey, it is time to identify what is corrupting your spirit. This step refers not to the cleansing itself, but to the perception of it. To achieve purification, you must know exactly what to filter.

In other words, you keep on being a crude matter, full of power, but not yet refined. It is not possible to advance in your spiritual journey without enduring a process of purification. Without a purified and filtered body and soul, your mind or spirit will never reach their full potential. Note that the Queen and King are on their way to meet, but they are still far from each other.

A new world is about to be revealed to you and it will offer you greater awareness and harmony.
Prepare yourself!

Reversed Meaning and Interpretation

Avoiding the Journey, Not Prepared, Fear of the Unknown.

This card in reverse indicates that you are in a limbo. Perhaps the impact you experienced was so hard on yourself that you cannot move, or you still do not accept you need a solo journey. 

It is exceedingly difficult to walk alone through the unknown.
The concept of spirituality, intuition or essence differs greatly to each person. There is no protocol here, for every journey is unique. That is the true beauty in it. There is no right or wrong.

With the Two of Vessels reversed, you may be afraid of what you can find.
It is probable that none of your questions are being answered. First, you must find your inner harmony, then you will find the answers you need.

You cannot be just light or darkness. If you reject one of the sides, you will feed inner conflicts. While you do it, you may be delaying and preventing yourself from reaching spiritual greatness. 

For these reasons, you must organise your internal chaos, otherwise it will suffocate the voice you want to hear.