Ace of Vessels

Element: AETHER

Upright: Major Intuition, Enlightenment
Reversed: Discouragement, Unclear Path, Lack of Perseverance


The Ace of Vessels shows us a sealed container connected to a smaller one by a tube, resembling an alchemical alembic.
This enormous vessel is richly decorated with golden pieces and appears to be in the centre of an Arabic golden room.

In alchemy, the hermetic vase is one of the most important items for the transformation of the elements. Being sealed, it symbolises an internal transformation that transcends any physical change. For that reason, we consider that the Vessels are no more than a depiction of ourselves, as if we were the living jug in which all transformations take place. 

The dark reddish liquid that pours through the alembic signals that a cleaning is occurring, letting a splendorous sun to rise as a result. The red colour is an indicator that the great alchemical Opera is achieving an important stage.
This rising sun is a symbol of a major understanding of our inner selves. It is, too, a resplendent sign of a spiritual awakening, rising from the interior of ourselves.
The lines that cross the image echo at the same time a celestial and a physical projection. This kind of reflected movement states that our spiritual birth cannot be detached from our matter. The macrocosm is no more than a mirror of our microcosm (as above so below).
On the top, the words Eamus Quesitum Quatuor Elementorum Naturas encourage us to search for the nature of the four elements and their properties.

The message of this card is clear: this is a call to learn about our own selves and renew our elemental harmony. Our earth, water, air, and fire must be truly understood and balanced, allowing the spiritual golden Sun to rise.

Upright Meaning and Interpretation

Major Intuition, Enlightenment.

This Ace exalts the big potential in you. This is a good time to improve your intuition based on your internal balance. You will be able to connect to your inner self and discover the light of your inner god.

When the Ace of Vessels appears, it says you have the gift in you, ready to be unlocked. The way you choose to use it will help you find your purpose in life.

But, like the vessel that is sealed to the world, you too need to preserve your light.

This card symbolises a good omen in the spiritual world, giving you strength to pursue what you are looking for.

Reversed Meaning and Interpretation

Discouragement, Unclear Path, Lack of Perseverance.

When the Ace of Vessels appears in reverse, you find yourself in a path that is not clear.
You’ve been walking for such a long time, and it still feels that your destination is too far away.
You may think of quitting or suspending your journey for another time.

What you are feeling is temporary; you clearly have something in you, but you need to keep going. Remember, to find the morning sun you need to walk through the night.
Trust your intuition to guide you towards the light.