Seven of Vessels

Element: AETHER

Upright: Reintegrate, Authentic Feelings
Reversed: Obstacles, Energy Vampires, Feeling Small


The Seven of Vessels depicts three birds fighting in mid-air.
This aerial conflict lets us know that the struggle is not terrestrial anymore.

As we look closely at the centre of the card, a closed circle surrounds the flying creatures. We can state that they are not totally free, imagining a virtual cage that imprisons them all.

Through an incredible effort to break free, they seem to attack each other with violent impulses. 

The white bird looks familiar to us. In the previous card, a similar bird ascended from the earthly body and started its own spiritual journey. As an inexperienced new-born, the white bird flew light-hearted though the skies, oblivious to the dangers of this new realm. It is no surprise that sooner or later the bird would find some kind of stumbling block.

On its way towards the firmament, the white bird is challenged by the black bird.

The black bird represents the remnants from the “shadow work”, embodying some kind of doubts and wounds that were not completely cleared or healed. Despite its volatile condition, the physical senses still have strong influences on its stance. Presented as the immediate opposite to the white bird, it will try everything to deny the progression of its ascension. However, just like the Yin-Yang, they both can merge and arise together. 

In order to accomplish that, the red bird has an important role. 

The White and the Black stand for the contraries that need to be combined to unlock the hidden mysteries.

The red creature enters the birds’ dispute as the creative mediator. This bird is the inspiration that could not be understood by rational judgment, giving meaning and direction to our efforts. The red plumage suggests, as well, that a major task is summoning us.

For that reason, we agree that this bird has a greater spiritual significance for our personal development.

The red bird brings the necessary heat to merge the hostile birds, inciting the best of them.

Since they are captive in the circular cage, they have no other option than to work together to achieve their liberty. Alone, none of them have a chance to survive.

In alchemical context they represent Spirit, Mind and Soul looking for a harmonious shape.  A necessary conflict of our inner forces reveals their true essences, which are, surprisingly, fitting pieces in a major puzzle.

Upright Meaning and Interpretation

Reintegrate, Authentic Feelings.

Learn what to separate or integrate.

Your true nature and shape were finally exposed to you. This is a moment of trials and tests. If you are tough, you become stronger.

Do not doubt yourself, this is not a moment of confusion. Perseverance will help you achieve your objectives and maintain control. Some people will try to help you, but it is up to you to decide which road you want to follow. There is always something in the way, you just have to learn to overcome the obstacles.

Even with this dissonance, the birds are in their own nature and purpose, in the air. This element is associated with harmonization and fructification. 

“The air gives life to all corporeal and substantial things which are born and generated from the earth.” – The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus, 135

You are achieving a special orbit that does not collide with any other – because every trajectory is unique. Such manifestation dissipates the fog of ignorance and obstinacy. The door of self-transmutation has let the light of dawn in.

This stage awakes you to our authentic feelings. The violence of reality might find you off guard, but this could be the only true way to move forward. The light may hurt your eyes at first but will soon reveal the true paths.

Reversed Meaning and Interpretation

Obstacles, Energy Vampires, Feeling Small.

Others may be confronting who you are or downgrade your intuition.
When times like these come, be sure about what you want and what you can tolerate.
Do not enter any competition, because winning or losing is no longer viable.

Remember that you easily attract people who are in desperate need of your essence. Such is a peril to your own self-improvement because these people suck your energy and can make you be off guard or confuse your priorities.

Take a step back, understand who is around you and what their intentions are. If you feel that someone is having second intentions, do not let them influence your choices. There are always toxic people around, and normally they try to belittle you. Your worth is real, so prove them wrong.