Eight of Vessels

Element: AETHER

Upright: Overconfidence, Internal Conflict, Interruption
Reversed: Controlled Impulses, Moving Forward


The previous card started a process of integration, playing with the three pieces as an internal puzzle.
In the Eight of Vessels, that puzzle appears to be complete. We can see that the pieces are fitting plus a new white bird was born.
However, something seems to be wrong. The three former birds are joined together but they are not totally united.

As we “played” with the three birds, we expected to create a harmonious shape, perfected and balanced. The resulting creature, on the contrary, is not in equilibrium, and a kind of tension and discord is perceived. The agitated heads are looking in different directions, focusing different things; and the circular cage looks even tighter, restraining its development. This creature is apparently unable to move with its feet far apart and retracted wings.

The frenzy or dynamism from the three separated birds has vanished here.

We need to say, of course, that the result was not a total disaster: two examples are the royal elements and the white plumage. Though it is still very far from what we were looking for.

Obtaining the perfect creature is a procedure that involves a lot of analysis and experimentation. Like any other research, it takes a lot of time and dedication and the best results hardly come at the first attempts.

Looking at the bottom of the picture, a scene of war and violence takes over, reflecting the precarious formation of the main bird.

Unlike the Seven of Vessels, the conflict is not happening exclusively inside the flask or cage, but it expands to the exterior.

The people fighting imply that the internal conflicts are still unsolved and affect the outside world, too. The battle looks even more intense than in the previous fighting scene. To appease it, the only solution is a regressive movement, that is, retrying to build ourselves.

To destroy our most recent achievement is part of the great opera: going back far enough as an effective way to get the momentum for a much greater progress.

Upright Meaning and Interpretation

Overconfidence, Internal Conflict, Interruption.

You are acting like you are above everyone else. Your spiritual journey still has not finished, yet you are assuming you are already a supreme creature. By looking at the birds we can tell that they are far from being well integrated, denoting a sense of internal conflict.

At this moment, if you do not control your energy, you may damage the people around you. There are times when we want to help and be proactive, as if we can handle the whole world. In times like these, you should take a deep breath and do things consciously.

You may feel a fire so strong inside that you think you are indestructible. Be cautious because this fiery energy can easily be out of control.

This is an important time to have a break, breathe and ponder your next steps.

Reversed Meaning and Interpretation

Controlled Impulses, Moving Forward.

The Eight of Vessels in reverse helps us realise that the strong impulses we feel are not natural. We are able to redirect these impulses into a more creative way, though.

Such requires a period of adaptation.
A concrete example is the metamorphosis of the caterpillar. The caterpillar “dies” so it can be reborn as a butterfly. You are already doing this part by embracing your chimeric form (see the Nine of Vessels).
Just do not let anger and frustration affect your growth.